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100 Percent Organic Products Recommended By Physiotherapists


Alternative treatment options for problems such as body pain, backache, stomach pain and many more have been becoming more and more popular amongst people. These are now being recommended by more and more medical professionals worldwide. One form of these alternative treatment methods is the use of hot and cold cherry stone pillows. The biggest beneficial factor about these pillows is that they are ideal for people of all age groups and work equally well in all weather conditions. Pillows that help cure body pains and backaches might still be a novelty but going forward, the usage of these can be expected to become more widespread.

Mitra Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an organization that is indulged in supplying of seed filled pillows in India. The pillows are manufactured by one of the world’s leading firm in this sector “Grunspecht” in Germany. These pillows are 100 percent organic and are a people’s favorite in 11 European countries. Since establishment, Mitra Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been growing steadily, with it’s current annual sales standing at a whopping INR 1 crore.

Some facts about therapeutic pillows

  • Along with curing long persisting issues such as backache, body pain etc., these have an effective aroma that rejuvenates the mind and refreshes the soul
  • The difference between the prices of normal pillows and these pillows is not too much, with the prices of therapeutic pillows only expected to come down further in future
  • For correctly using these pillows, one doesn’t need a specialist
  • These also provide a massaging effect and can be used by people while they carry on with their normal life routine.

Some examples of therapeutic pillows:

  • Organic eye pillow
  • Grape seed backpack
  • Cherry stone baby pillows
  • Grape seed shoulder pack

Mitra Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd. requires distributors:

The essential requirements for becoming one are,

  • Available space of 200 square feet
  • An initial investment of INR 2 to 5 lakhs
  • Some prior experience would be preferable

Distributors can expect appreciable returns on investment, high product margins and periodic incentives from the organization’s side based on achieving the pre set targets.

Contact for Distributorship:-
Email id:-
Contact No.:- +91-11-46710506



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