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3-D Printing Devices Suitable For Various Industrial And Commercial Requirements


Its a commonly accepted fact that 3-d printing is the next big thing in technology. What was once only in the realm of imagination is being brought to life by 3-D printing. From manufacturing sector to even medical science, 3-D printing provides immense possibilities for all. Recently neurologists successfully implanted a 3-D printed skull on a 22 year old woman in the Netherlands. Just this example singularly signifies how far and how wide 3-D printing technology can be used. Gradually as like any other sector, there’s bound to be improvements made in this sector also, with some of them certain to be what we cannot even fathom now.

DIV By Zero Technologies. is a Mumbai. Maharashtra, India based organization established in the year 2013 and is indulged in manufacturing and supplying of 3-D printing machines. It provides a wide range of these machines that are suitable for printing and publishing sector, scientific and laboratory instruments sector, industrial supplies sector, consumer electronics sector and many more. Since establishment the organization has grown impressively and is expected to continue doing so in the future.

Features of 3-D printing machines

  • These can create innumerable number of materials that perfectly mirror the real ones
  • Moreover, in some sectors, the materials that these create can also be used to replace the real life ones, examples being pen, water heater gas control knob etc.
  • 3-D printing machines work flawlessly in all weather conditions
  • Although a bit on the expensive side currently, in future with improvements in 3-D printing technology, the prices are expected to drop drastically
  • These are easy to use and also easy to maintain

DIV By Zero Technologies requires distributors for expansion

The essential requirements for becoming a distributor are,

  • Available space of 300 square feet
  • An initial investment of INR 6-10 lakhs
  • Prior experience in this sector would be preferable

The distributors can expect a high profit margin starting from 15 percent. This coupled with appreciable returns on investment is certain to ensure minimal break even time. Also, the prospective distributors will have an unmatched opportunity to get a foothold in the 3-D printing technology segment, a sunrise segment.

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