6 Tips to Start a Beverage Business

From coffee shop to juices & fruit smoothies, beverage business includes a lot in it. If you are in need of a healthy business opportunity, then this may be the best way to go. Today, food and drinks outlets that serve the healthy alternatives to consumers are burgeoning as people now are taking better care of their bodies.


Where trend of franchising in beverage business is also attaining success, beverage distributors and sales agents are earning a lot from this venture.

Our panel of experts share their advice about tips to start beverage business. Let’s take a look-

Do market analysis

If you have an idea of where you want to go with drinks business but don’t have that much experience, you have to understand the market such as-

  • Is your market fragmented or not?
  • What’s the Annual Average Growth Rate (AAGR)?
  • What are the main players?
  • What’s the differentiation?

Make a business plan

The most important factors to define while making plan are-

  • What product will you be selling?
  • Whom you would sell them?
  • Choosing a busy place, food courts, mall, and public markets for your store location

Cleanliness and good service is important

In this business, good service, quality, reputation, accessibility, presentation and cleanliness are very important. So decide the location of business where the traffic pattern is thick and it can be most visible. Your baristas should be skillful, cheerful while serving fresh drinks and juices in premium and clean containers.

The need of maintaining inventory

Keep stock at a minimum to ensure the freshness. Storing these on enough amounts will also allow you to timely purchase supplies when prices gets down.

Grow business by selling other bakery items along with drinks

You can maximize your rented space or kiosk by selling pastries and other confectionery items together with your cold or hot drinks.

Increase sales by increasing contacts

If you are retailing or wholesaling beverages, you could upsurge sales by forming association with those who cater on company events, birthday parties, weddings, business club functions and fund-raising activities.

Are you in this business and have some ideas about it? Do share with us.

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