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9 Things to buy this Dhanteras other than Gold & Silver

We are into a festive season and Dhanteras & Diwali are soon to arrive, it’s once again time for spending some money and make a way for investments. Hindu devotees worship Lord Dhanvantri for money and health and celebrate Dhanteras to start off Diwali. This is celebrated on triyodasi of the Krishna Paksha i.e. the thirteenth day of the waning phase of the Karthik month as per the Hindu Calendar.

The festival of wealth Dhanteras is considered as one of the most auspicious days for purchasing, making investment and it falls just one or two days prior to Diwali. The festival is known for making auspicious shopping generally gold & silver along with household items made of iron, copper or brass. The main importance is given on buying things made of metal as it is considered as the sign of good luck and believed to keep away negative energy. On this day we all explore market for offers to get best products for our homes and loved ones.

Purchase of Gold and Silver 

The purchase of gold and silver have special significance during this wealth celebrating festival. It is evident with the huge rise in demand across country witnesses by jewelers year after year. In fact, to cater this high rise in demand among people, jewelers have to work overtime during this day in the year just to cater to the hordes to buy the precious metals. purchase of other precious metals but buying any form of wealth on this day is viewed as auspicious and symbolic.

India ranks 2nd when it comes of buying Gold after China, and people here carry great emotional value to the precious metal than its monetary value.

Physical gold or silver can be bought as coins, bars from banks or in the jewelry form. Always opt for hallmarked products for ensuring the quality.

Let’s see other product options

  • Sovereign Gold Bonds: These government securities come with 8 years tenure and denominated in grams (1 gram and in multiples thereof) and. The government usually fix the purchase price per gram, the subscription for which starts approximately 10-15 days prior to diwali.
  • Gold ETFs: Offered by Mutual Funds, these open-ended exchanges traded fund track the price and the asset is allotted in respective units. The returns generally depend on the changing price of the metal on bourses.
  • Gold saving funds: These are also offered by mutual funds under fund schemes where units are invested underlying Gold ETF.
  • Digital Gold: This form of trading is latest in trends, which is generally offered/allotted during festive seasons. MMTC-PAMP teaming up with Paytm started this investment avenue. You can invest as little as Rs 1 on 24K 999.9 pure gold via Paytm gold and can make recurring investments in lieu with the market price.
  • Copper vessels: Buying copper vessels on Dhanteras is not only auspicious investment, but also promote healthy lifestyle in many ways. People usually store water overnight and drink it first in the morning. When water stored, copper vessel creates a natural purification process. Further, drinking this water balances the three doshas (vatta, pitta and kapha) in our body as per Ayurveda.
  • Electronic items – If not gold/silver products, you can also buy or shop electronic items on the day of Dhanteras, which is also equally considered auspicious. On this day you can shop for mobile phones, laptops, ovens, fridges etc.
  • Coriander – On the day of Dhanteras you can buy whole coriander as it brings happiness and peace in the house. As per belief, offer the whole coriander while worshipping Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali and keep it in your vault, it brings lot of wealth & fortune.
  • Pottery – You can also purchase various earthen utensils o this auspicious day
  • Business-related things – Buying anything related to your business on Dhanteras day and worshipping those things on Diwali gives special benefits.

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