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A Wide Range Of Eco-Friendly Electrical Appliances


The electrical appliances sector is one of those sectors that is ever evolving, with people constantly looking for improvements for the better and to fulfill this manufacturers undertake continuous R & D to improve their products. As far as present trends go, the consensus seems to be that all electrical appliances must have two important features, these are optimal power efficiency and environment friendliness. This has resulted in the design and manufacturing of products such as LED focus down light, LED panel light, LED underwater light, room heater, CFL lights and many more, with specifically the LED products being the favored choice of people everywhere.

Unite Retail Pvt. Ltd. is a 2012 established firm based in Haryana, India that is indulged in the manufacture and supply of LED bulbs, CFL bulbs, room heaters and many more. The firm has an ISO 9001:2008 certification and is renowned for the unmatchable quality of its product range. As a result, Unite Retail Pvt. Ltd. has a diverse client base spread across India, the company has an annual turnover of INR 31 crores which is only expected to increase in the future.

Attributes all electrical appliances should have
– They should have a long service life and should require minimal maintenance
– They should be easy to use and have the requisite safety features for the operator in case of any unforeseen event such as an electric short circuit
– They should only be made from superior grade raw materials, since the use of high quality raw materials ensure optimal reliability
– They should be power efficient, thus providing incremental cost benefits in the long run
– They should have optimal tolerance to moisture and UV rays

Unite Retail Pvt. Ltd. requires distributors

The prerequisites for becoming distributors are,
– Ability to invest an amount equal to INR 5-10 lakhs
– Required available storage space of 150 square feet
– Some prior experience would be preferable, although it is not mandatory

Prospective distributors can expect:
– Appreciable returns on investment
– Industry leading margins on products sold
– Full cooperation from the company’s marketing and training team
– A mutually beneficial partnership with immense future growth potential

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