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Appetizing Profits Inside- Time to show your knack in Snack Industry

India is a diversified country & so is the taste of Indians. Studying the breakneck growth in Indian Snack Industry, i have found the snacks business is roaring like anything. Reasons behind are not just one but many. Lack of time, increase in no. of job-goers, appearing ambience of food outlets, items ranging from low to high, availability of online ordering and the trendy one, deals of the day on almost every famous top brand- are together making it happen. Not now, but it’s future is also promised. Being a part of this yummillicious industry takes weighing scale on the side of profit.



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And what if I say munching snacks is not just limited to satisfy your taste buds but it will pamper your pocket then what your reaction would be? Would you scratch your hair or would you feel like laughing and calling me insane? No people, i’m not kidding you. Snack & namkeen market in India which has always been known to delight and surprise the consumers with tasty and innovative offerings, is gaining by leaps and bounds.

 Industry Overview

Rapid Urbanization
Growing Income and Consumption
Increasing Working Women Population
Marketing Campaigns
Growing Retail Market
Convenience Factor

Rise in Packaging Costs
Unorganized Sector and Local Players
Competitive Price Points
Health Concerns

Major Players
Rajaji Food Products
Navkar Namkeen
Frito Lay


snack 3

Snackers who are so conscious about their health demand healthy, low calories, low fat, organic,vitamin & mineral equipped and fiber rich snacks, while the other category wants exotic flavors and tastes. So the taste demand is balanced with the health aspect.

Innovation ball keep rolling in the industry every now and then. Every month a new flavor gets added to the horizon of snacks. Worthwhile business opportunity to get indulged in!

What do you say? I invite your opinions!

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