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Be Part of the Shining Antivirus Biz

Where some file downloads are authorized, requested and enjoyed by Internet users, oAntivirusther files are malicious and covet. A consumer may not know when he has accepted a file infected with malware in an e-mail or from a web page. Due to this, many unprotected computers are afflicted with malwares and viruses on a continuous basis which leads to the loss of a lot of precious data and in fact destruction of computer hardware.

To protect themselves, Internet users have turned towards anti-virus software which removes already existing threats on the user’s systems. We have brought you the needs and steps to select the antivirus for your operating system.

The need of Antivirus

By having antivirus software, you can protect your system against harmful infections to keep your computer running as intended. Take a glimpse of the functions it performs-

  • Scan the files and finds the virusesMALWARE
  • Protect your system from harmful infections
  • Remove viruses, trojan horses and worms
  • Improves the system performance
  • Protects from phishing, malicious software and bugs
  • Removes network threat and hacking

The Guide to choose the best Antivirus Software:

  • Shortlist the options

Narrow your options based on the operating system you are using. If you are thinking to upgrade it, take that into consideration as well.

  • Assess the usage of operating system

Evaluate how you use your computer. Are you a heavy web surfer or a gamer? Do you have an older computer? The purpose for which you use your computer will dictate the protection level you need. e.g. a gamer will like anti-virus software that recognizes when media or games are being played and controls any not-so-essential alerts or activities. Someone having an older computer would be concerned with system performance and finding an antivirus that can support his operating system.

  • Find the agencies selling best antivirus software

Once you’ve selected those which meets your system needs , check the majorly certified agencies and check its features e.g. USB protection, robust firewall, boot scan, multiple scanning mode, powerful PC performance utilities, scheduled scanner and more.

  • Check the pricing

How much you can spend to keep your computer protected? You will be needed to do a little research to get the highest quality protection at the lowest price.

  • Buy the best one

Avoid free software downloads. Buy and Install the optimal software.

Choosing Antivirus as a business:

Market Size of Antivirus Sector

Records say,“The computer antivirus sector is currently growing at 10-15 % per year with a market size of Rs 1000 crores”.

Major Players in the Industry
These are numerous Antivirus and Internet Security software according to their platform (e.g. desktop and server, mobile, etc.) and their operating systems (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Linux, OS X, Oracle Solaris, Apple iOS Google Android,Windows Phone, etc.). Some of the big names in this sector are Norton Antivirus, McAfee Antivirus, Tech Guard Antivirus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Avast Antivirus.

Remove the viruses from the success of your business and build a door for this exciting business opportunity.

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