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Business in soft drinks is never cold- Megatrends Inc.


Fizz! Aha! This is a sound we all are familiar with. Yes, that is our favorite soft drink bottle, chilled & fizzing. Basically soft drinks are sweetened, flavored, non-alcoholic carbonated water. The definition may be boring, but we all are aware of their amazing taste. Friends want a treat or there are guests at home, soft drinks best suit the scenario.

Most preferred flavors are cola, orange, lemonade, mango etc. There are a huge number of companies trying to please the customers with their products’ flavors, but out of all Torino soft drinks rules the heart of consumers.

Torino is the brand name for Megatrends Inc.- A Tamil Nadu based company serving soft drinks for the last 4 decades. Since its inception in 1977, Megatrends Inc.’ soft drinks are renowned for their splendid taste & amazing range of flavors. Presently, the company deals mainly in Madurai, Tuticorin, Virudhunagar, Thirunelveli, Sivagangai, Ramanathapuram districts of Tamil Nadu and makes an annual business sale of approx Rs. 15 Cr.

The company is looking for distributors from Tamil Nadu and Kerala for its business expansion. Distributors are invited to come forth to join the offered distributorship program and walk the steps of success with this reputed organization.

How Megatrends Inc. benefits distributors?

India being a tropical country has high demand of soft drinks and beverages, this provides great scope for business development in the same product domain. Working with Megatrends Inc. has helped distributors to grow at a higher pace and earn splendid profits. Some of the benefits this company offer:

  • Great profit margin up-to 12%
  • Opportunity to deal with a huge clientele
  • Great scope for growth

What makes Megatrends Inc.’s products special?

More than 40 years of experience has induced the company in this long run to gain brand value in the market. Here are some highlights of its products:

  • Less sugar content
  • Enticing range of flavors
  • Purity and freshness

In addition, the company keeps a keen check on the quality of products and usage of food grade packaging material. Offered products are available in 300ml, 500ml. 1.5 ltrs. pet bottles.

The business of soft drinks is evergreen and Megatrends Inc. is providing a great opportunity to the distributors from Tamil Nadu and Kerala to take their business to new heights.

Credentials for distributors:

Distributors can easily join the offered distributorship by fulfilling the requirements like:

  • Storage space of around 300 sq.ft.
  • An investment of Rs. 2-3 lakh

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