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Car Wash as a Business Prospect

We are living in a fast paced society where everyone want to get their work done in the shortest possible time. Same goes with car washing too. People like us, prefer to get their car cleaned by professional car washers taking minimum time while they take a chill pill relaxing over a cup of coffee seeing their car getting polished and cleaned. Car washing and polishing is a business with a shining future.

What Car wash is all about?A-self-service-car-wash

The process of Car washing involves washing, cleaning, drying, polishing, detailing, servicing and providing cosmetic care to the vehicle.

It offers offer various types of services including full service, self services, automatic and manual polishing.

The process includes a number of techniques and ingredients i.e. hot water, steam, and liquid wax, foam detergents which give the car a dirt-free coating. However, the equipments and techniques of different car washers may not be same.

Types of Car wash

Types of car washes include-

A full-service wash- Features an exterior cleaning as well as interior vacuuming performed by a staff of workers.

The automatic rollover wash- Where the vehicle drives into the system and remains nonmoving and the machine rolls over the vehicle rinsing, washing, and drying.

Self-service wash- Where owners of the vehicle wash their own cars in a bay with using a wand.

Mobile car wash- Here the business go mobile as the business owner travel in a specially equipped vehicle to the vehicle owner’s location. This concept is gaining higher level of acceptance nowadays.

Car Wash as a business

If you have explored and done adequate research on the business, Car wash assures you the factor of profitability. You might need to visit some car wash businesses and see their way to work. Various models of Car wash business are there, you need to opt that suits your business plan and investment.

As car wash is more popular among customers owning expensive cars, you need to ensure to open the establishment in posh residential areas or even an area where the traffic is heavy.

Top Brands

Express Car Wash,  Speed Car Wash, Eco wash India, 3M Car Care

As per Jasmeet Singh, Cofounder – Speed Car Wash, “This industry is estimated to become third largest by 2025 going by this rate. By 2025 every third car manufactured will be sold in India. Since the number of cars will increase, there would be a high demand for car washing business and detailing services. And because cars are our business and cars are growing, therefore I see a huge potential of our business in India and which will grow with time,” Jasmeet says.

However, Car wash business has not gained presence in small towns, it is step by step evolving into a business that is getting common in metro cities. Besides, increased inflow of high-priced cars in urbanized areas is opening up new opportunities in these areas.

One can buy a car wash franchise business and generate good amount of money in the same. Car-wash franchising business requires only a few employees to run the business and also the inventory for supplies is quite low.

To buy/sell Car wash franchise of notable brands, leave your contact details here.

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