Chemical Earthing Systems For Optimum Lightning Protection


Install earthing systems with warranty of 15 years to prevent adverse effects of dangerous lightening

Lightening is an electric current that in every second strikes the earth about a hundred times. If it hits any building structure, it can cause electrical shocks, and bring machinery and equipments under fault conditions. The corded phones, wires, TV cables, electrical appliances, computers, metal doors, etc., from which electricity conduct may cause shock. If lighting comes in contact with higher voltage line, it can transfer dangerous high voltage to the electrical distribution system.

Remedies Earthing Systems Pvt. Ltd resolves these aforementioned issues dangerous for human lives, buildings and equipment by bring forth a complete solution for Chemical Earthing and Lightning Protection. Based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, it is a largest manufacturer of Earth Enhancing Compound and Chemical Earthing System. The 2004 establishment achieved a sales target of approx. Rs. 2-3 Crores in last fiscal year.

The company is proud to be creator of several brands in the marketplace. The Lightning Protection Systems are sold under brand names “SCHIRTEC” and “PROTART”, Chemical Earthing Systems under names “EZEE” and “ARSH” and Backfill compound under the name “ERIC”.

Major Products
– Safe Earthing Electrodes
– Copper Earthing Electrodes
– Copper Bonded Earth Rods
– Earthing Backfill Compounds
– Lightning Arresters
– Lightning Strike Counter
– Surge Protection Devices
– Exothermic Welding System
– Earth Pit Covers

These products are sold in Indian market, as well as:
– Indian Subcontinent
– North Africa
– East Asia
– Middle East
– South/West Europe
– North America


The company sells into a distribution network spanning India who in turn markets such as:
– Electrical
– Mechanical
– Commercial
– Industrial
– Rail
– Utility

Why should you choose?
– Excel in product quality
– More than a decade of experience
– IS0 9001:2008 certified ensuring high levels of quality
– Products are tested by CPRI and comply to European standards
– Believe in team working
– Long term relationships with distributors and clients
– Market leading service and sales support
– Continued investment in training
– Respond to customer requirements

To generate more trade and distributorship opportunities, the company often takes part in number of events. The most recent is the three day packed event- ELECRAMA-2016, held on 13th to 17th February, 2016, at BIEC, Bengaluru, India.

Benefits to Distributors
– You need only 200 sq ft space for products storage
– Investment of Rs. 50000 – Rs. 2 Lakhs with assured profit
– Return on investment of 40%
– Special schemes to benefit distributors
– Complete sales support
– Use our brand name for growth

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