Commonwealth Games 2014: Highlights of the Glasgow Game Opening Ceremony

CWG 2014

This 2014 Commonwealth Games got off to a colorful start with some enchanting performances by singers Susan Boyle, Rod Stewart and violinist Nicola Benedetti at Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland.

The British Queen Elizabeth II declared that the games open after more than two hours of colorful ceremony that was participated by some 4,500 athletes, 2,000 cast members and from 71 nations and territories.

During the opening ceremony, Scottish’s First Minister, Alex Salmond called the crowd and athletes together to stand for a minute’s silence in memory of the 298 people who died when flight MH17 crashed in the Ukraine.

The crowd became emotional when comedian Billy Connolly reminded via a video message that this is the first Commonwealth Game since the death of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

The ceremony celebrated the diverseness of Glasgow and what Scotland and it has in common with the 70 other competitive nations.


From whisky, golf, Dolly the Sheep, marmalade, fountain pens and the Kelvin Scale, some of Scotland’s finest exports were exhibited during the opening ceremony at the Celtic Park, which is the home of Celtic Football Club.

The players’ parade was led by India, by the virtue of being the previous hosts. London Olympics silver medalist Vijay Kumar proudly carried the Indian flag.

India’s female atheltes were flaunting their green sarees and sported the team blazer, the males were wearing the red turbans. India was followed by Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia, Pakistan and Brunei.

The Malaysian athletes sported black bands in their arms and their nation’s flag in honour of the victims of the national airline’s two recent tragedies.

The contingents were led by a Scots representative wearing tweeds and walking a Scottie terrier in a jacket and sporting the name of each country.

The parade finished with the current host, Team Scotland. At the end of the parade, athletes and team officials were seated on the field of play, in the center of the live show that followed.

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar from India, and a UNICEF goodwill star, in a pre-recorded message motivated people to donate for the development of the children of the world.

More than 4,500 sports persons from 71 Commonwealth nations will participated in the parade for the Games that will showcase 17 disciplines over 11 days of competition. The closing ceremony will take place at Hampden Stadium on Aug 3.

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