Creating a healthy world through distribution channel

Such is a situation of life today that every bit going inside us is be it’s our food, fruit or even air is impure. Though we are adopting the good habit to wash the vegetables or fruit we are eating yet purity is what no one cannot assure even then too.

At Eco Health works, we believe in protecting health and safety of your family and hence leverages biotechnology to provide safe, natural, effective and economical products for you.


We let you eat healthy & breathe healthy

Presently, we are dealing in two products, one of them is veg & fruit wash and the other is dust controlling spray.

Eco Veg Wash removes pesticides, germs and pathogens from Vegetable and Fruits that you consume. The product contains extract of Pudina, Tulsi, patent pending biosurfuctants and other ingredients which helps to remove pathogen and pesticides.

Where Checkmite is a room freshener meant for asthma and allergy patients. It is a world-wide patented, natural, extremely safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic aerosol spray that is highly effective in controlling dust mites which cause allergy to asthma patients. It is a Monopoly product.

Products Uniqueness

– Our products are natural, innovative, competitively priced and effective
– VMSRF’s (Vittal Mallya Scientific Research Foundation) 40 Patents
– Research span of 30 years
– Lab recognized by Govt. of India, Department of Biotechnology
– Internationally tested
– Non-toxic

Our Goal- Creating a healthy world

In order to build a healthy environment everywhere, we are in search of hard-working and experienced distributors for health products who can help us extend our reach.

If you want to join us in our mission & become our distributor , give us a call on: +91-11-46710506 or leave your contact details right here & let us call you!

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