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CTC Tea Producers Planning Business Expansion with

We have shared previously how big the Tea Industry is and the big names in the sector! Today, we came up with some more knowledge about this tremendous venture and the business opportunities in it. Read on and explore the what offers this sector has for the investors…

Various players in th1e tea business have emerged successfully & made PAN India presence. Few of them are opting distribution route for tea business. Let us read about those in detail:

Jaimini Enterprises (Limtex) The company  is famous for offering world class tea using brand Nargis. The tea they offer comes as loose tea and as packet tea also. The brand have availability of all varieties of tea in competitive rates. At the moment, their search for tea distributors is from Madhya Pradesh.

  • One of the largest tea exporter
  • Both domestic & international market
  • 2 gardens & 15 factories
  • 30 years old company
  • They’re offering 30% – 40% of ROI to distributors



Another player, Chandypore Tea Estate, a renowned and old business-family in east having authoritative experience in growing and production of tea. They are planning to grow business network by offering distributorship of  tea.


Association with Chandypore provides-

  • Best margins
  • Attractive loyalty bonus every 5 years for associating with company for long term
  • Highest turnover bonus in each category each year
  • Highest average turnover bonus every five years in each category

Distributorship Facts:

Brand Area Investment Margin Targeting
Jaimini Enterprises Min. 100 sq. ft Rs. 2 Lacs Upto 40% Madhya Pradesh
Chandypore Tea Estate Min. 100 sq. ft. Min. Rs. 3 Lacs Industry’s Best North, West, Central and South India

Helpline: +91-11-46710506

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