Distribute Aircon Energy Savers With Triveni Health and Disaster Management Pvt. Ltd.


As summer is approaching, a larger number of people are beginning to turn to their air conditioners to keep them cool in the burning heat. However, there is a huge scarcity of power supply along with expensive utilities charges.

According to a FICCI report on Indian power shortages, electricity shortages cost India an average annual loss of about USD 68 billion or Rs. 4,14,800 Crore (As of 2014). And yet, there are over 300 million people across the nation who lack access to electricity.

India is one of the only nations which faces such huge challenges in terms of electric supply. The nation needs to fuel high economic growth in the midst of large power supply problems. There is a dire need for effective energy conservation tools and techniques due to:

1) The high economic loss due to power shortage

2) The need to facilitate electricity distribution to rural areas

3) The high cost of increasing power supply capacity

Triveni Health and Disaster Management Pvt Ltd. has come out with the outrageously creative device to reduce power wastage. Aircon X Energy Saver is a tool which can help customers save power from a minimum of 45% to a maximum of 69% while using their air conditioners.

-Aircon X is suitable for all types and brands of Ac’s.

– There is a profit margin of 30% for the distributor

– Additional performance based incentives

– Money back policy

– 2 year replacement policy

– Minimum product life of 10 years

The opportunity is highly lucrative and should not be missed! Below are the simple requirements necessary to become a distributor for Aircon X Energy Saver.

– Rs. 3-5 lakhs of investment

– 200 square yards of space

-Prior distribution experience in similar field is beneficiary!


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