Distributorship Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Distributorship Opportunities in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Medicines, health supplements, and allied pharmaceutical supplies are very important for addressing various chronic ailments and health problems. They are also significant in improving the quality of life.

Medicines are a crucial component of health systems in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of health issues. They are significant in alleviating various types of disabilities and functional deficiencies.

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the largest sectors in the world. In the year 2020, the world pharmaceuticals market was worth more than $1,200 billion. Moreover, its annual growth rate was around 1.8%. Currently, the Indian pharmaceutical sector is also growing at a rapid rate. This means working as a distributor in this sector can be very profitable. Let us learn more about this:

Pharmaceutical sector and distributorship business

The main objective of all manufacturers is not only to make the products but also to market them to earn high profits and enhance their brand value. For this, they need someone who can help them in increasing their market reach in the targeted regions that can be far away from the manufacturer’s current location. This is where the distributors come into the picture.

They work as a link between manufacturing firms and end customers, which are usually pharmacies and hospitals. The role of the distributors is to safely and quickly deliver pharmaceutical drugs and similar products to the end customers. This helps the manufacturers to satisfy the demand of their customers. Besides, it is a smart decision to become a distributor in this sector. This is because this industry gives high returns on a low level of investment.

The current condition of the pharmaceutical distribution business in India

The condition of the pharmaceutical distribution business is on the rise in India. In the 1970s, around 10,000 distributors for the pharmaceutical industry were present in India. This number has increased and currently, there are more than 60,000 distributors in our country. Even though the number is growing but still there are many Indians in the rural areas who do not get access to modern and lifesaving medicines and upgraded medical instruments and supplies. This shows that the Indian pharmaceutical sector needs to expand as soon as possible.

Future of Indian pharmaceutical distribution business

It doesn’t matter if the manufacturing firm is a big firm or an SME, if they do not have an efficient distributors’ network then they won’t be in this market for long. Besides, the demand for medicines has been rising consistently for many years, especially in this pandemic era. So, even in the future, the Indian pharmaceutical distribution business is surely going to prosper.

Indian domestic pharma spending is anticipated to grow by 8 to 11 % from 2019 to 2023, to $28-32 billion approximately. With the help of more and more distributors, making new and improved drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, medical devices, biologics, and other pharmaceutical supplies available for the country’s population will be easier.

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