Domino’s Franchise: Cost and Opportunities in India

Domino's Pizza Franchise Cost and Opportunities

We all know that pizza is one of the most popular and preferred dishes among the people in India. Domino’s Pizza, with more than 17,500 stores located across the globe, is an exceptionally fast-growing, fast-food outlet that entered the Indian food industry in the mid-80s.

Over the last few years, pizza has become a favorite dish of a majority of the population living in urban areas of the country. People of all age groups love to eat pizza on special occasions in our country. Be it a weekend, a get-together, a cricket match, a birthday party, Diwali, Holi, or any other festival or celebration, pizza is the first choice for many of us.

Domino’s pizza is the most well-recognized and favored brand for delivering delicious pizzas all over the world. This brand is serving more than 1 million people across 70 countries having more than 10000 stores. From a single outlet to 10000 stores, they have come a long way.

Different Models of Domino’s Franchise in India:

Traditional stores - These types of stores are located in shopping malls and other big buildings. They have lots of parking spaces for both consumers and delivery persons. In these stores, there are both takeaway services and dine-in spaces.

Non-traditional stores - These types of stores can be found in office buildings, airports, stadiums, and even, toll roads. Usually, they provide takeaway services only and dine-in space is quite rare in these kinds of stores.

Transitional stores - Unlike the first two stores, transitional stores have far fewer customers. Their menu is quite different because it is customized as per the preference of locals.

Domino’s franchise cost in India:

  • The cost of traditional stores is up to INR 50 lakhs
  • The cost of non-traditional stores is up to INR 30 lakhs
  • In some cases, franchisee costs can be more than INR 50 lakhs if the rent of the store is high or due to other reasons

Let’s talk about other things that should be considered before starting this franchise:

  • Not many people know that in India, Domino’s Pizza is managed by Jubilant Foodworks Limited. So, to become a franchisee of Domino’s, you have to contact Jubilant Foodworks
  • A franchise agreement for five years has to be signed if someone wants to set up transitional stores. For other stores, one has to sign a franchise agreement of 10 years
  • People must be trained and must have some knowledge about this market before becoming a franchisee but they can get help from Domino’s Pizza Partners Foundation if they have any queries
  • Domino’s Pizza Franchise India also provides classes to new franchisees so that they can become well versed in running the store efficiently

Our country has the second-highest number of Domino’s outlets. Therefore, it is very clear that it has a huge untapped potential in the Indian market. There are many loyal customers of this brand and the number is increasing substantially with every passing day. In such a scenario, starting a franchisee of Domino’s is a great idea.

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