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Effective & Quickly Drying Construction Chemicals

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Chemicals such as those used for waterproofing, repairs & restoration are an absolute necessity in the construction industry. Whether it be a residential, domestic or industrial facility, all the aforesaid chemicals are required at some point of time. Moreover, almost always, the quality of these chemicals is what separates living & working spaces having optimal longevity to these spaces requiring constant restoration. Owing to this high demand for construction chemicals, innumerable firms are engaged in developing newer and more effective chemicals for fulfilling the aforementioned requirement. Having said this, another fact that has to be accepted is that a lot of construction chemicals available in the market today lack the effectiveness required to make them reliable.

Yankonize Adhesives is one of the few firms that offer superior quality & reliable construction chemicals. It’s product range that includes tiling adhesives & grouts, waterproofing compounds, repair & bonding agents, concrete treatment chemicals etc. are increasingly becoming the preferred choice of users across large parts of India. Established in the year 2013 and based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, the organization is managed by a dexterous team having extensive expertise in relevant sectors.

Features of construction chemicals

All construction chemicals must have the following features,

  • Construction chemicals should be easy to apply and have a quick drying time
  • These should be effective even in extreme environmental conditions
  • These should have an accurate composition of ingredients that are used in their formulation
  • Construction chemicals should have the requisite tolerance to shocks, impacts & also vibrations
  • These chemicals should have a long functional life, thus ensuring no hassles for the end user

Yankonize Adhesives requires distributors

The essential requirements for becoming a distributor are as follows,

  • Available space of 100 square feet
  • An initial investment of INR 2 to 5 lakhs
  • Ability to ensure vendor development at the local level
  • Some prior experience would be preferable

Distributors can look forward to benefits such as appreciable returns on investment, high margins on products and an unprecedented opportunity to become an established name in the construction chemicals sector.

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