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Environment Friendly Biomass Cooking Stoves


In various developing countries, cooking stoves are still used by millions to cook their daily meal. Cooking stoves which are commonly used create a lot of environment pollution and also make people around ill. The alternative option of stoves being used currently is biomass cooking stoves. As is common knowledge, biomass is made up of various leftover natural materials such as wood pellets, certain crops, manure etc., this ensures that the biomass cooking stoves are a perfect environment friendly alternative to conventional ones.

Actseven overseas is a Rajkot, Gujarat, India based organization that is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of various biomass cooking stoves. The organization was established in the year 2009 by a team of dexterous professionals having extensive expertise in the cooking stoves segment. Actseven overseas requires country wise, state specific and city specific distributors across India to aid it in it’s expansion plans.

Benefits of biomass cooking stoves

  • These ensure less environmental pollution
  • These are comparatively less expensive to use
  • Biomass cooking stoves have a longer functional life than conventional stoves
  • These stoves also require lesser maintenance
  • Since these do not use conventional fuel, no external factors can affect it’s usage

Popular products of actseven overseas:

  • Wood cooking stoves
  • Pellet cooking stoves
  • Natural draft cooking stoves
  • Forced draft cooking stoves
  • Desi village stoves
  • Smokeless stoves

Essential requirements for being our distributor:

  • Available space of 200 square feet
  • An initial investment of INR 7-8 lakhs
  • Prior experience in this segment would be preferable

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