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Environment Friendly Water Heaters


Environmental pollution is a cause of worry everywhere and for everyone. There is a growing realization amongst social organizations and governments across the world that if we do not cut down on emitting pollutants into the atmosphere, we might have to pay a heavy price for it in the future. This has resulted in a global push towards the usage of renewable sources of energy such as solar power and wind powder. Out of all the renewable sources, solar energy is thought of as the most potent and also the most effective. The solar water heater is one the most commonly used machines to harness and effectively use solar energy. These are as effective for water heating as other conventional electrical water heaters.

PBK solar water heater is an organization that is indulged in manufacturing and supplying of solar water heaters. Due to attributes such as a higher solar rays conversion ratio, longevity and ease of installation, our solar water heaters are favored by users across India. We manufacture these heaters only from superior quality raw materials sourced from reliable vendors of the market.

Our product list

We provide two types of solar water heaters, these are
– Solar water heater – FPC
– Solar water heater – ETC

Apart from the above mentioned attributes, other features of our solar water heater includes
– Our solar water heaters have a hot water tank with enamel coating
– All our products have been extensively tested to ensure they are defect free
– All our heaters come with a sacrificial anode for tank protection

We require distributors to aid us in our expansion plans. The prerequisites are an available space of 2000 square feet and an initial investment of INR 50000 to 1 lakhs, with some prior experience being preferable.

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