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Extracting Money out of Avocado Oil Business

Taken out from the flesh of avocados, Avocado oil is very aromatic and has multiple usages. Unlike olive oil, lavender  oil or any other known oil, avocado oil is known for its variety of health and skin benefits. Choosing the oil as your business is an idea which may turn you a biggest example of the ‘rags to riches’ tale.

Avocado oil is an edible oil pressed from the fruit of the Persea americana (avocado). As a food oil, it is used as an ingredient in other dishes, and as a cooking oil. It is also used for lubrication and in cosmetics, where it is valued for its supposed regenerative and moisturizing properties. Here are the benefits of avocado oil:

1. It’s 100% pure and organic
2. Because it’s Extra-virgin and cold-pressed (Extra virgin oils are processed with little heat & therefore retain most of the natural healthy ingredients such as avocado, olives or rapeseed.)
3. Can be used for high temperature cooking
4. Helps Prevent and Reverse Cancer
5. High vitamin E, Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9 content
6. It is not only the healthiest cooking oil but also best for skin and hair


But why should one opt the business of avocado oil’….is the question which must be buzzing in every mind reading this post… Agree? Keep Reading…

Let us share with you the ‘must-go-reasons-for-this-business':

  • Edible oil industry is highly fragmented due to the presence of big brands

  • Organic products were and will be always in demand and so do the business

  • Increasing health consciousness of people is one of the top reason leading to the business growth

  • Benefitable than any other oil presents you the business opportunity with the top brand: Olivado Avocado Oil

Kira Food Products Pvt. Ltd. , one of the big name in the industry is engaged in distributing and importing high quality food products across the globe since 2012. Their Olivado avocado oil has marked its presence in UK, USA, New Zealand, Europe and many countries across the globe and now offering 100% extra virgin avocado oil in India for the 1st time.

Brand Name                     Olivado Avocado Oil

Incepted in                        2012

Looking for                       Distributors

Investment Required        Min. 2 lacs

Space Required                 100 sq. ft.

Return on Investment       Quite Lucrative

Those want to join as a distributor for edible oil which serves many purposes together, this Avocado oil is the answer.

For more information, check their business profile :

Contact details:

Contact no.: +91-11-4671 0506

Email id:


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  1. Gramhum says:

    From small beginnings in Northland, New Zealand s warmest region, Olivado has grown to be one of the world s leading suppliers of high-quality avocado oil.

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