FIFA Fun Facts: Know Some More About FIFA World Cup 2014


FIFA World Cup always creates new records and interesting developments . Are you interested to know the facts about the 2014 World Cup? I doubt if you know these 2014 World Cup facts already. Keep on reading!

Goal-Line Technology


This will be the first ever World Cup to use goal-line technology. If a goal is scored, a special watch the ref will be wearing will display the word ‘goal.’

Drones And Us Robots Will Be Used


For safety purposes, Israeli drones and Robots will be used.

Brazil Is The 5th Country To Host World Cup For The 2nd Time

Brazil England Soccer

First there were the countries Mexico, Italy , France and Germany which hosted a World Cup for the 2nd time. Brazil will be number 5 after having hosted the 1950 World Cup.

Bazuka Ball


Adidas designed this year’s World Cup named ‘Bazuka’. ‘Bazuka’ is slang for national pride and the name was chosen by fans.

Most Expensive World Cup

It’s the most expensive World Cup ever with over 14-16 billion dollars used.

2014 World Cup Champion Will Win 35 Million US Dollars
The amount of 35 Million USD is higher than what the 2010 World Cup winner, Spain won 4 years ago.

“All in One Rythym” is the official slogan

The 2014 World Cup slogan is “Juntos num só ritmo” in Portuguese translated as “All in One Rhythm” in English. It refers to the Brazilian culture that has rhythm everywhere.


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