Food franchise options that are gaining popularity

Food franchise options that are gaining popularity

Availing a food franchise is one of the most appealing business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs in the country right now. This industry is booming and how! With the wide acceptance of local and international cuisines among the Indian population, rising brand awareness, an increase in the number of working women, increasing income and purchasing power, and rapid urbanization, the food franchise business remains the most promising of all.

Food, one of the necessities of life has now become a status symbol for the middle class and upper-middle-class people in society. A well-known magazine recently performed a survey on “Top 100 franchise businesses in India“. Out of 100, 21 companies belong to the food and beverages industry. It clearly shows that food franchising is definitely the most dominating franchise business in India.

Some popular food franchise categories are: 

Vegan food

In recent years there has been an increase in the popularity of veganism in India and worldwide. This is because people have stopped being ignorant about the animal killings and cruelty in meat and other industries that exploit animals. There has been a rise in the number of food manufacturers who are producing plant-based vegan food. Currently, numerous celebrities in India are adopting veganism which has also encouraged many Indians to become vegan. Hence, the growth of this segment is unprecedented in the years to come, and hence, interested people can surely invest in this sector.

Nutraceutical food

The covid-19 pandemic has encouraged many people to take good care of their health. Due to this, the nutraceutical food segment has become one of the consistently rising segments. Nutraceutical food items are those that are specially formulated to fulfill the needs of essential nutrients of the consumers. Immunity boosters, dietary supplements, etc. are some examples of nutraceutical food items.

Ready to eat and ready to cook food items

There has been an increase in the number of people who due to their busy and erratic schedules have sometimes little time to cook. This has increased the demand for ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food items. These types of food items are also a boon for those who are not good at cooking. This market is now growing at a rapid rate and includes firms of different sizes.


Spices are an important part of the food manufacturing segment. The spice market has been flourishing in India for many years. Our country has an abundance of different kinds of spices and we Indians love spices in our meals. These species provide flavors and colors to food items and are also known for their medicinal qualities. Currently, our spices have a high demand worldwide and they are exported across the globe.

Bakery items

This food processing segment is incomplete without bakery items. These types of items are equally popular and sought after in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Nobody can imagine a party or social gathering without bakery items like cakes, biscuits, etc. In all major festivals and special occasions, such items are very much used as giveaways and gifts.

Detox food

With the increasing health awareness among the people, the demand for detoxing food is also rising. There are several advantages of having detox foods. It aids in weight loss, removes harmful toxins from the body, boosts energy levels, improves digestion, and makes a person feel healthier. It can also reverse various lifestyle diseases and can help recover from various health concerns. This segment is expected to observe gigantic growth soon.

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