Freshino Crushed Tomato Manufacturer to Diversify its Network in India

The company Adi Ayur Foods and Beverages is a steadily growing crushed tomato maker aims to bring the goodness of food products directly from the farms to the Indian households, restaurants and various other food outlets is planning for business growth throughout the country with the help of distributors. Read more…

Claims to solve the current difficulties in the tomato trading i.e. price hike due to transportation, cost, highly perishability, Freshino crush tomato is the next big thing in the Indian tomato trade acting as a perfect substitute of tomatoes.

Using crushed tomato reduces-

1. Perishable factor

2. High transportation cost compared to other commodities

3. Loss of quality due to the availability in all over the country

Adi Ayur Foods And Beverages

While discussing about, Why should one buy crushed tomato? The proprietor of the company, Mr. Ranjit Babu said, “Adi Ayur’s unique technology helps the product to maintain its freshness, taste and quality forever. We recommend Freshino to Indian women to ease their difficulty of getting good quality tomatoes always.”

Adi Ayur Foods And Beverages

To provide this unique product in every home, they need distributors for crushed tomato who can make people aware of its benefits and how it will help in time and money saving along with the same taste of hand picked tomatoes from family farm.

Why you should join the company as a distributor?

1. Their products are very fresh, ready to use, non perishable, rich in nutrition, no added sugar or salt, shelf life of 10 months and TSS almost equal to the TSS of whole tomatoes .

Along with that Freshino’s 1 tablespoon = 3 tomatoes i.e. It’s 1 tbsp provides the same taste and quality which equals to three tomatoes.

2. Because the population of working people is large, using tomatoes which are already crushed saves a lot of time. It becomes the highlighting factor which entices a consumer to buy this.

3. Money-saving factor is there too. As  mentioned above too it reduces the cost which occurs in transportation.

4. Availability of small to large qty. – 200 gm 400 gm, 500 gm and 1 kg packs,

All these features are good enough from a consumer point of view. So making consumers become easy for the distributor in this case.

What a distributor will need to become their partner and what benefit he’ll get in return?

Distributor has to invest- INR 3 lacs and 500 square feet of space

And the company will provide the distributors:

  • Very good return on investment amount
  • Real team gross settlement system
  • Opportunity to work on an innovated concept
  • Chances of growth

If anybody is interested in this distribution business opportunity, reach them on the details mentioned below:

Contact person: Ankit Soni
Contact no.: +91-9953068978 / +91-11-46710506

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