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What is the role of distributors?

Distributors play a vital role between manufacturers and users. They help in taking manufacturer’s products in the forefront of customers that aids in expanding business growth.

What do you mean by the term franchising, franchisee and franchisor?

Franchising stands using another firm’s successful business model. Franchisor is the owner of the brand who


A person or entity to whom the right to conduct a business is granted by the franchisor or licensor.

The company owning/controlling the rights to grant franchises to potential franchisees.

In the franchise business, franchisee has the right to market franchisor’s products by following the methods of franchisor. Franchisee has to pay fees to franchisor for using the rights and the franchisor has to provide rights and ongoing support to the franchisees. To become a franchisee, you need some amount of investment which varies from company to company.

What do you mean by the term sales agents and what do they do?

Sales representative are appointed by the companies to sell the products to the customers. The target Customers can be wholesalers, retailers or individuals. In return of that, they get a particular fixed amount or commission; as per decided by the companies.

I am a fresh MBA graduate and want to start a business on a low investment amount. Should I take distributorship, become a sales agent or should I start a franchised business?

There is no requirement of investment if you are looking to become Sales Agent. And in case of Franchise business or distributorship, it depends upon the organization’s requirement. We have those companies too listed with us too which require less investment.

I have been working in a MNC for last 9 years and now want to start a business on my own. I want to know, what should be the reasonable rate of return on investment in a franchise opportunity?

As a franchise owner, you will be investing both your talent and time in the business in addition to the capital. Hence it would be fair to expect Return on Investment. It depends on the kind of business. As a start up business owner, you may be needed to give more hours than your job at least during the initial period.

What kind of products GetDistributors is dealing in? provides services to those who are looking to become or appoint distributor, franchisee or sales agent in every product. We don’t sell any kind of product.

Why to become paid member?

We help Companies in their business growth goal. Have an eye on the benefits we offer to our paid clients :

  • Provide listing in relevant business category
  • Evaluate the opportunities in your chosen industry
  • Provide access to verified prospects
  • Promote your brand over the right network
  • Helps increasing your brand awareness socially

In which categories do you provide services ?

We cater in each and every business. We are covering top 40 major business industries e.g. agriculture, textiles, electronics, industrial supplies, stationery etc. Enter appropriate keyword related to your products or choose the category you are looking for.

Are and the one and the same portal? is an international trade promotional organization. Their B2B Portal comprises of a database of exporters, importers, manufacturers, service providers worldwide whereas is an initiative of which is a unique platform for appointing/ becoming distributors, franchisees and sales agents.

How many companies will you recommend?

It depends upon your products and the location where you want Distributors/ Franchisee/ Sales Agents to expand your business.

How would I know if anyone is interested in making business associations with us?

The interested aspirer (distributor/ franchisee/ sales agent) will fill the ‘Post your response’ form and you will get an instant email in your inbox and message on your registered mobile number.

Does GetDistributors provide its services outside India?


Is there any hidden fees or unexpected costs?


After you send my company details to the distributor/ franchisee/ sales agent, what happens?

The interested person will do follow-up with you. Also you can send inquiry to them as we share their company profile with you too. We will stay in touch with you to ensure if the distributor/ franchisee/ sales agent responding in a timely manner or not.

When you share my information to the companies which are looking for distributor/ franchisee/ sales agent, what happens?
The concerned person will send you inquiry. We also share the company’s details with you so that you too can send inquiry to the relevant company.

If I become paid client in one category and I want distributors/ franchisees/ sales agents in other category. Will I have to pay more?

Yes, The package cost will increase if you need database access of more than one categories.

If I need distributor/ franchisee/ sales representative in more locations in the subscription period. Will have to pay more?

No, you need not to pay more. Also the relevant products database will be visible to you as PAN India basis.

Do you provide the verified database access?

Yes, The database we provide you is fully verified.

How do you verify the companies?

We have our experienced verification team for the verification process. The details they verify are:

  • Company Name
  • Postal Address
  • Contact Details
  • Valid Email id
  • Alternative Email id
  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Preferred Location
  • Product Details
  • Interested Product Experience

If I am interested in a franchise or any organization you don’t represent, then how will you help me?

We can only help you if the organization or franchise business will be registered with us.

If you give my name to a franchise company, am I obligated to purchase?

No, we are just sending inquiries to the company of persons who are showing interest in associating with them.

I want to take a franchise. Will there be training programme available?

It depends upon the company’s rules and regulations. Some Franchisors offer training program whereas some do not.

How can we contact you?

You can email us on our help desk email id : or request us a callback on : you can also share your feedback on our Feedback widget placed on site.

Do you have social presence as well?

Yes, we have presence on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter and also we have a blogging section.

If I want to renew my membership subscription, how can I do?

For renewal, Contact at our help desk email id i.e:

Where can I give my feedback?

You can write your feedback in the feedback section placed on website or directly click:


Still having problems? Please contact us at We will be happy to assist you.

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