Get must-have cylinder sleeves for all performance engine applications.


Jay Metal- Providing cylinder sleeves or liners for both, wet and dry applications

Cylinder liner or sleeve is an important engine cylinder component, that makes the inner wall of cylinder block. Inserted with an interference fit, the work of the cylinder liner is to prevent the cylinder walls from damage. The liners are selected based on the engine’s work load duty cycle and energy produced. The metal piston rings slide at high speed on this surface, which generates combustion heat. The cylinder liner under high temperature and pressure, transmits the heat to coolant. Centrifugal casting process is widely used for the fabrication of cylinder sleeves. In this process, a rotating mold is used, in which molten metal is poured. Centrifugal force inside the mold makes the material drive towards the mold. When the material cools down, the sleeve is created, which is easy to be machined and provides great strength and durability. The cylinder sleeves can be fabricated in a wide range of bore diameters, lengths and wall thicknesses.

Jay Metal was created to fill the requirement for highest quality, best performing engine cylinder components of automobile sector at very affordable prices. The 2013 establishment renowned as a reliable manufacturer & supplier in Rajkot, Gujarat, India, provides cylinder sleeves & cylinder liners in varied sizes and lengths. The successful firm with annual sales of Rs.10 crores has an advanced production plant, fitted with CNC and lathe machinery, required for fabricating the components to minimum tolerances. Every component is tested using precision measuring instruments to ensure component’s accuracy.

What makes Jay Metal different from the crowd ?
– Thoroughly tested cylinder liners having excellent wear-resistance & anti-galling properties
– Committed to improve product quality & operation processes
– Wide distribution network
– Committed to improve client’s reliance & satisfaction
– Qualified and skilled professionals

Engine components for automotive sector firms:
– Cylinder Sleeves
– Cylinder Liner

Distributors represent the company’s product and the company welcomes those with the experience and credentials to match its requirements. Jay Metal has many distributors and retailers in Indian and foreign markets. To expand its reach beyond geographical boundaries, it is looking for distributors, who willingly sell its automotive components worldwide.

The interested and eligible distributors can contact us to avail our distributorship. The eligibility criteria are:
– Investment amount- Rs. 2-5 Lakh
– Storage Space- 1000 Sq. ft.

Know more regarding Jay Metal’s distributorship by making a call or sending an email!
Contact no.: +91-11-46710506
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