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Get Quality Education Online Anywhere, Anytime


DS Digital Pvt. Ltd., is a S. Chand Group Company which is India’s one of the oldest & largest publishing and education services providers for more than 75 years. For offering innovative and technologically upgraded learning solutions, we have been awarded with 9 national and 4 international awards. We are offering various e-learning solutions namely Student Kit Intelliapp, Digital Classroom, Science Lab Solution, Tablet Solution, Language Lab, Teacher Training Solution, Hands On Labs, English Lab Solutions, Destination success etc.

Destination Success‘ caters to the dynamic needs of the teachers and students in today‘s schools. It offers a holistic educational program along with digital and print materials, student tracking and report generating facilities. It is a platform for empowering teachers and engaging learners which engaged in offering Guided Instructions, Assessments, Game Based Learning, Differentiated Learning and Performance monitoring.

We have grown tremendously since our inception which is reflected in our current annual sales which is between Rs. 10.00 Cr – Rs. 30.00 Cr. We are looking ahead to collaborate with region level distributors who could aid us in our diversification plans across India.

USPs of Destination Success :

  • Can be accessed on any device like laptop, mobile, tabs and more
  • Graphic rich content with examples for enhanced understanding
  • Easy and understandable use of language
  • Flexible navigation and provision to revisit previous lessons for effective learning
  • Stimulating exercises and engaging interactive learning programs; like models building to help retain the concepts better
  • Usage of animations to make learning an interesting and fun experience
  • Provision to set benchmarks for motivation

How is Destination Success a boon for Teachers ?

Today‘s teachers need to have innovative styles of addressing concepts for better understanding of the students. This has made the teaching profession a much demanding and creative profession & has raised the bar as well. Fret not ! Destination Success is there for your rescue as it is made entirely for the new age teachers.

It can help you in :

  • Engaging and motivating students
  • Effective presentation of content
  • Customizing your lectures and content
  • Your professional development
  • Meeting different learning needs and styles of students


Prerequisites of being our distributor : 

  • Potential distributor would be expected to make a prior investment of Rs. 50.00 Cr – Rs. 100.00 Cr
  • Should have some understanding of the online education system, so that he can explain the benefits well to the potential users
  • Should be able to make strategies and plans to make our Student Kit Intelliapp, Digital Classroom, Destination Success and other e-learning solutions popular
  • Should be quality conscious and should have a customer centric approach

Benefits of being our distributor

  • The distributor will be educated thoroughly about our various online education platforms and their advantages
  • He will be provided appropriate margin on sales
  • Out-of-the-box marketing strategies and training (if required) will be provided by us
  • Access to our website for more knowledge about our various e-learning platforms
  • 24*7 help from our marketing, training and operations team


For Any Query Contact Us :

Contact no.: +91-11-4671 0506
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