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Get the Knack of Selling to Distributors

To take your products to market you certainly need an ”ace of spade” way which will help you in reaching your target customers. What about appointing distributors? Opting a distributor is that magic stick that helps in adding stars to your business.


Being a manufacturer, your job is just not to make your product worthy and attention-getting but also you have to take distributor into believe to buy your products.And the main problem arises when it comes to negotiation. Know how to sell your products to the distribution partner in 5 simplified steps:

  • Do Proper Market Analysis

Take a know how of the market demand and then speed up your production process accordingly. If your manufacturing ability is low, don’t put your feet in worldwide market.

  • Explore Distribution firms

Search for distribution firms which market products from organizations which are doing business in your category products as these distributors have a knowledge of retailers who can take your products. Build bonding with them as the distributors you wanted should be experienced in distributorship and there is a possibility of more profits.

  • Keep Financial Record

Collect data information and financial report so that you can show the distributors that you have enough money and resources to expand the business and keep the production procedure ongoing.

  • Decide the Pricing factor

Price your product in order to cover the manufacturing cost and originate earnings enough to expand your business and add more stock. Keep a check on the average retailing cost so that the distributor can too earn good margins by selling it again.

  • Sign up the Distribution Agreement

Check the distribution contract prepared by the lawyer. It must have a termination clause inserted that allows the termination of agreement by either party under certain conditions. Also, mention the compensation or penalties if the other party breaks the contract.

It’s never too late to expand your business. Appoint a distributor and get started on your business expansion plan today!

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