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Give your home, shop and office an illuminating look with Architectural Lighting Solutions’ Led Lights.


CFLs replaced the incandescent light bulbs and now Led Bulbs are rising as its replacement. For the last few years, led bulbs have achieved recognition and are being widely used in almost all lighting solutions. But, what is so special about them? Why it is suggested to use Led bulbs, instead of other traditional lights?

Led stands for light emitting diode and the present led lights are comprised of numerous such small light emitting diodes to give the required luminous intensity. The hike in popularity of Led Lights symbolizes a perfect initiative towards saving electricity. These bulbs are designed in such way that they need very less power in comparing to CFLs, incandescent bulbs and other lighting solutions. Comparatively Led Lights are highly durable and emit a very nominal amount of Carbon-dioxide & other gases than other bulbs. Continuous on/off reduces the life span of ordinary bulbs and CFLs whereas Led bulbs are free from its effect and have a longer life span. Traditional lights contain chemicals like Mercury, Neon, Argon and according to a study even CFLs emit chemicals like Naphthalene, Styrene, and Phenol all these chemicals are highly harmful for the environment and human beings but, Led bulbs are free from such chemicals. Led lights can be used even in extreme low temperatures, whereas most of the bulbs fail to work in such conditions, also traditional lights cause a heating effect whereas Led lights don’t emit heat. All these factors make Led Lights a better lighting solution than the other traditional lights.

Now a days, Led lights are widely accepted for household as well as commercial use. Companies like Architectural Lighting Solutions offer a wide variety of decorative indoor and outdoor lighting Led lights for Museum Exhibits, Malls, Multiplexes, Hotels, Interior Designs, Banquet Halls, Restaurants, Flats etc. along with outdoor building facade and ground walkover lights. Architectural Lighting Solution is growing company, manufacturing and supplying lighting system and Led Aluminum profiles with satin diffusers & poly-carbonates along with many other unique lighting fixtures.

Architectural Lighting solutions’ products are renowned for their quality and durability. These products are elegant in design and preferred by architects, builders and interior designers for large scale projects as well. Owing to the products’ cost effectiveness, the company has successfully established its brand name in the market. Now, it is planning to appoint distributors for PAN-India to make its products in reach of everyone. Inviting distributors the organization is offering them:

  • Excellent ROI starting from 10%
  • Aids in the form of training in product handling
  • Full authorization to deal in entire product range
  • Support in product promotion and many more other business benefits

It is a great opportunity for the you to walk along Architectural Lighting Solutions in its business expansion and collect huge profits working with this reputed organization.

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