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Growing Appetite for Fast- Food Leads to Industry Growth in India

Constantly experimenting with the consumers taste by mixing the ‘western’ and the ‘desi’ menu, the fast-food industry has witnessed the major growth in India. No matter the recession, our love for junk food is getting higher and higher. Thanks to the high disposable incomes and greater exposure to multiple cuisines, fast food restaurants are making big bucks.

fast food franchise

The foray of international fast food retailers in India has also effected the taste buds of we, Indians significantly. People are experiencing changes in lifestyle and like to do experimenting with food, says experts.

The jaw-dropping industry offers a comprehensive listing of fast food franchise business including healthy sandwiches to the favorites, Chinese and Indian food, and American foods such as fries, burgers and hot dogs. While looking for a quick meal, these are the most-opted.

Plenty of these businesses offer franchising opportunities in fast food where some give single-unit franchise, many offer multi-unit franchise too. Let’s have a tete-a-tete on this vast industry franchise.

Buying a fast food franchise chain- Recipe for profit
The fast food business can mean profitable for those who have the know-how and the available resources to start the business. Knowing what is needed for the fast food restaurant ownership business is like winning half the battle. Get knowledge of the key elements of success in the fast food industry:

Success in the fast food sector needs to have knowledge of different parameters. Fast food entrepreneurs who understand those, can master the business.

McDonald’s, Subway, KFC are few examples of highly successful fast food branding. Their brands are well-recognized all over the world. Brands that have lodged themselves in the brain are repeated endlessly on radio commercials and television assuring that when customers see the fast food outlet, they will be more interested to respond because they would be already familiar of the brand.



To become successful, a fast food outlet should be located in a high-traffic area as fast food is about convenience. By opening outlets in shopping malls, fast food brands can gain handsome profits.

Decide the type of fast food
So your focus is on Mexican food or Chinese food or burgers or pizza? Develop a menu which is easy to understand and should come up with a competitory price for each item. Also, you can design a menu with ‘combo’ meals where customers can buy a combination of food items for less.

Initial training
Most of the franchisors provide their franchisee a training programme which is absolutely essential. It includes how to work in a restaurant, wearing the staff uniform, learning everything from preparing food to serving customers and cleaning.

Investment amount & the fat returns
And here arises the Million dollar question…. The investment needed for opening a outlet of junk food

Though the investment amount differs from company to company. Experts say, a franchisee requires to invest a minimum of Rs. 2 lacs. The rate of returns are too quite high there.

Here’s the franchise requirements by famous fast food brands:


Unique Food

Cook House Restaurant & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.

Food Of Indians

Investment Required INR 5,00,000 INR 2,00,000

INR 6,00,000

Space Required 200 sq ft 100 sq ft

250 sq ft

Start checking more brands offering franchise opportunity in this industry from today at and make the most from it.


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