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A Innovative Food Products LLP- A name one can rely upon when it comes to light and healthy snacks

Snack food market is vast and chips are predominant part of it. Be it potato, corn, cereals (eg. wheat, maize kernels) or tapioca, the main ingredient can be any of these for making chips. These can be served as snack, side dish or appetizer. The non-expanded papads and chips are also available in their dry, raw forms; that can be fried or hot air baked at the time of serving. These 2d-3d papads are produced in food extruder machine, wherein, the ingredients are mixed, extruded, shaped, dried, fried and flavored. Through PLC controller, all tasks are handled automatically. The makers have the flexibility of ingredients usage, sizes, shapes, flavors and colors.

A Innovative Food Products LLP is one Indian company that manufacturers chips in uniform sizes, and shapes. The company also brings a variety of snack items, like pasta, gol gappa pallets and 2d-3d papads that are corn based, cereal based as well as potato based. People, especially kids love these snacks due to their shapes, colors, flavors and textures. The golgappa pellets can be stored for longer time with freshness intact.

The company follows ISO / FSSC standards while producing the snacks. The monthly production capacity of the company is 1000 MT pellets. The experienced personnel, intelligent use of available resources and timely order deliveries are reasons why A Innovative Food Products LLP has become a preferred name in the snack food market.

Explore Snack Food Products-
– Pasta
– Gol Gappa ( Panipuri) Pellets
– Potato Based 2d-3d Papad and Chips
– Cereal Based 2d-3d Papad and Chips
– Corn Based 2d – 3d Pellets and Chips

Why A Innovative Food Products LLP?
– Extremely consistent quality chips, pasta & pellets
– Quality management system
– Continual improvement policy
– Objectives to use quality raw material quality
– Focus on environmental protection
– Wide distribution network

The benefits we provide to our distributors:
– With us, the distributors can gain expertise in this field
– By quality commitment, increase your market share
– By investing substantial amount, they can secure high returns for future
– Get numerous opportunities for growth

Export Markets
– Asia
– Africa
– Europe
– America

Essentials to become our Distributor:
– Investment amount- Rs. 50000 – Rs. 2 Lakhs
– Storage Space- 500 Sq. ft.

Interested distributors can contact us today!

Contact no.: +91-11-46710506
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