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Established over 30 years ago in 1982, Sipani Energy Ltd. has grown to become a pioneer in manufacturing LED lighting and solar lighting. It is dominating the LED and solar lighting industry under the brand name’ Ecova,’ with average annual sales of around 150 crores.

According to Business Standard, the Indian LED industry is estimated to be worth Rs. 21,600 crores by 2020. This is because the Government is actively promoting sustainable forms of energy utilization. The Government is also planning on switching to LED lighting for all street lamps and public spaces by 2020. Thus, the industry is leaning towards a highly profitable growth expectancy.

Aligned with the current trends focusing on the “Go Green” factor and “Save the Resources” efforts, Ecova aims to offer environmentally friendly lighting using the latest available technologies.

Becoming a distributor for Ecova has various benefits, some of which are listed below:

-Attractive and compact product appearances
-Easy to Install
-Solar and LED lights save up to 80% energy, attractive option for customers
-Large emerging market for environmentally friendly and cost-efficient products
-A guaranteed minimum ROI of 15%
-Long term warranty for all products
-CE and ROHS certifications for gaining customer confidence
-Large variety of products available ( LED panel lights, down lights, tube lights, spot lights, ceiling lights,track lights, grill lights, candle lights, solar portable and sensor lights, solar inverters, mobile chargers, etc.)

Ecova is looking for 180 distributors and is focusing on high-level growth and expansion strategies.

The Prerequisites for attaining distributorship are:

-Rs. 5-10 lakhs of investment
-Minimum 250 square feet of space
-Experience in similar field is recommended

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