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We, Vatsalya Enterprise are engaged in offering superior quality Dishwash Gel, Toilet Cleaner, Hand Wash, Air Freshener, Naphthalene Balls, and other home supplies. Offered under the brand name Knock, our products are highly effective. Our floor cleaners can clean tough stains ranging from oil, grease, and mud. They are most appropriate for disinfecting floors, kitchen sink, table-tops, and bathroom surfaces and have better germ-killing capacity than ordinary cleaners. They are safe to be used on Granite, Mosaic, Porcelain, Cement, Marble, Ceramic, and most surfaces.

Our naphthalene balls can be used as an insecticide, germicide, moth repellent, and also for fragrance. It can protect delicate apparel, woolen, and other garments from insects and moths. These can be used in toilets, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets, office spaces, cupboards, washbasins, and bathrooms.

Offered items have been formulated using quality ingredients and the latest formulation techniques. They are affordable and are delivered to our customers within the scheduled time frame. Based in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, we were already in the business of Dyes and Chemicals for around 30 years. It was 2018 when we started selling cleaning items and other home supplies and janitorial products. Currently, our annual sales figure is standing between INR 3 crores and INR 4 crores. To increase our market in India and around the world, we are looking for dependable state-level distributors.

Offered products:

- Dishwash Gel

- Toilet Cleaner

- Bathroom Cleaner

- Glass Cleaner

- Detergent Liquid

- Hand Wash

- Hand Sanitizer

- Air Freshener

- Naphthalene Balls

- Camphor

- Mosquito Repellent

This list is not exhaustive.

USPs of our products:

- Accurate composition

- Air fresheners have a refreshing and lingering fragrance

- Our cleaners are great at removing all types of tough stains

- Our naphthalene balls control foul odor in washrooms

- Our hand sanitizers are effective against 99.9% germs, viruses, and bacteria and are apt to be used to remain safe in the pandemic

Distributorship conditions:

- Initial investment – INR 50.00 K – INR 200.00 K

- Ample space to keep our products safely and systematically

- Previous experience in this sector

Distributorship benefits:

- 12-15 % margins on our products

- Support from our side in terms of advertising and brand building

- Informative brochures from our side

Company USPs:

- Supportive team members

- Customer-focused approach

- State-of-the-art manufacturing unit

- Distributor-centric policies

- Affordable prices and timely delivery


For More Details :

Email id: helpdesk@getdistributors.com

Join us: https://bit.ly/30I6GHv

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