High Time to Invest in Consumer Durable Market


Consumer electronic goods are more of a necessity nowadays. The increasing dependability on home appliances and consumer durables has led to the expansion of big brands in this electronics industry. The growth rate has been marked close to 15% per annum. Due to the less competition at the point of time, the business is widely open for entrants.

According to the industry experts, the better disposal income and thriving Indian middle class population are the growth drivers of this sector. Owning a renowned brand is a craze which is on heights. Considering these factors, it has been visualized that the industry has a shining future ahead.

Arun Jaitely, Finance minister announced a plethora of measures aimed at consumer durables sector to boost local production and deter imports. Managing director, Panasonic India Manish Sharma said the finance minister made a balancing act coming as it is on back of the extension of excise duty cut from 12% to 10% announced a fortnight back till December.

For companies like LG, Samsung and Panasonic, imported products account for around 5-10% of their total product portfolio and sales.


Choosing a Franchise Route

As everyone knows electronic goods is the burgeoning market and many of the giants of the industry have diversified and are diversifying the franchise way. “Experts say, franchising in consumer electronic industry offers expansion of brand, sharing of responsibility as well as profits. Furthermore, having a local representation makes difference as he understands the needs of local people of that city/town etc.”

Consumer Durable Franchise Requisites

Aspirants having electronic goods, along with passion to take up the franchise for a rewarding future. Besides zeal of running the business, the franchisee also requires investment amount which varies from company to company. In addition to investment, proper space is also needed to store as well as display the product range.

How to get Consumer Electronics Franchise?

To buy a franchise in consumer durable goods, either:

1. You can approach well known companies in consumer goods market and ask them
2. Simply you can apply online for franchise opportunity. There are online web portal too which help franchisee connecting with companies.

To summarize, we can say that electronic goods franchise business is a bright sector for prospective franchisees as it offers a chance to fetch good returns over the invested money. So, snatch the opportunity by associating yourself with a known brand and get started with your own business.

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