Holi 2023: Celebrate the festival of colors in an eco-friendly way

Holi is a significant Indian festival that is celebrated with equal fervor in the country and in various parts of the world. It is a festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, and the end of winter. It celebrates the coming of a new season that brings new life, new hope, new growth, and happiness to people.

Holi 2023 Celebrate the festival of colors in an eco-friendly way

Holi is also a celebration of the “victory of good over evil”. It is believed that on this day, Lord Vishnu destroyed Holika, the demoness who represented evil. People celebrate “Holika Dahan” one day before holi to represent the burning of evil and mark the triumph of good. It has a rich history and mythology associated with it, which makes it an important part of the Indian heritage.

The festival of holi strengthens community bonds and promotes social interactions. People in India, regardless of their culture, background, and religion celebrate this festival with love, joy, and harmony by forgetting all their differences. The festival of colors is celebrated with unique rituals and quirky customs in varied parts of the country. People celebrate the arrival of the new season of spring by smearing gulaal on each other, singing, dancing, and enjoying traditional sweets and mouth-watering food.

However, the traditional way of celebrating Holi generally involves the use of chemical-based watercolors, colored powders (gulaal), and the use of water guns, and water balloons that cause a significant negative impact on the environment.

With a few simple changes and a little bit of awareness, we can celebrate an eco-friendly Holi. Below mentioned are a few steps to make your Holi celebration more sustainable. 

Burn planet-friendly waste on Holika Dahan (Holi Bonfire)

Make Holika Dahan a symbol of environment preservation by responsibly burning planet-friendly and biodegradable waste like dry leaves, twigs, and branches that have dropped from plants. Please do not burn plastics, tires, and other hazardous materials. Do your part in reducing environmental pollution and promoting clean air.

Ditch water balloons, water guns, and pichkaris

Water conservation is the need of the hour! This Holi, you can act responsibly by playing a dry Holi. You can celebrate with herbal gulaal and avoid wastage of water.

Celebrate Holi with natural colors

The use of chemical colors can not only lead to pollution but can also cause skin irritation and other health problems. Use colors that are made from flowers, and other natural ingredients. These herbal and organic colors can be washed off easily and don’t harm your skin, hair, and the environment. You can also make colors at home by mixing turmeric, henna, beetroot, flowers, etc. with arrowroot powder or gram flour.

Say no to plastic

Use reusable or environmentally friendly cutlery at Holi parties. Curb the usage of single-use plastics by using reusable metal, or bamboo cutlery. Avoid using plastic bags, and containers to store and distribute colors. Instead, use paper or cloth bags, or plates made from leaves, cornstarch, and other eco-friendly materials.

Choose green Holi gifts

This Holi spread joy and show some love to your friends and family with eco-friendly Holi gift hampers. The hampers can have skin-friendly organic colors, handmade chocolates, handcrafted thandai, dry fruits, and handmade natural soaps. Such gifts are not only good for your loved ones but for the environment as well.

Be more sensitive towards the animals around you

Do not apply colors on animals or spray water on them. The colors and food products that are safe for humans can be unsafe for animals. The colors can cause breathing trouble, and various skin-related diseases, and can also be life-threatening for animals. Please celebrate an animal-friendly Holi this year by being sensitive towards them.

Clean up responsibly

After the celebrations, make sure to dispose of the colors, cutlery, decorations, and other waste responsibly. Do not leave them lying around in public places. Make sure your surrounding is clean and litter free before you go home. Use eco-friendly cleaning products to clean up after the celebrations.

This Holi, be environmentally conscious and encourage others from the community to join in. Together, we can make a positive impact on the earth while enjoying the festivities!

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