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Home Appliances- The Most Promising Business Segment

The brown goods market has expanded in a most significant way. Even in the most gloomy period, the growth of this industry did not slip to a negative terrain. Thanks to the small ticket nature of these goods, consumers didn’t cut back on purchasing these during economic stress. The entry of new global players and growth of a new class of customers in the post liberation era has boosted the growth of the home appliance business segment. And this story is to continue from here…

India caters for just about a billion people having houses equipped with kitchen. Every house hold has a kitchen with one or more home kitchen appliances based upon the standard of living. It is an industry attracting all the major home kitchen appliances in the world. In such a country having large customer base, there has been a continual rise in the sales of home appliances.

The major household appliances includes: air conditioner, chimneys, grinders, mixers, iron, electric fans,, clothes dryer, drying cabinet, freezer, refrigerator, kitchen stove, water heater, washing machine, trash compactor, microwave ovens and induction cookers.

Home Appliances

Home appliance sector in India is characterized by the availability of skilled R&D engineers and manufacturing.

Statistics and facts about the Home Appliance Industry
The home appliance is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to latest PwC report, The domestic home appliance and consumer electronics market is expected to grow by 10 per cent till 2022.

Key Segments
Global Industry Analyst reports,”Vacuum cleaners representing the emerging market segment in the household appliance sector globally”. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, air conditioners are expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years.

There are several factors underpinning this growth-appliances

  • Rapid Urbanization: Increase in the number of nuclear families and thus nuclear households, led to higher ownership of these appliances.
  • Increasing Working Women: Growing female participation in the organized sector which means there has been an increase in disposable income of families and improved affordability.
  • Innovations: The industry’s growth was also supported by players who expanded the market by creating new products.
  • Marketing Efforts: Marketing efforts of players also helped create awareness among consumers.

Connect, Collaborate and Grow… Join the profitable home appliances segment

  • As a sales representative- Work as a kitchenware appliance sales rep. or hire one.

The home appliance business is evergreen. India being applauded as a strategic market by major appliance brands, there is bright future scope for this segment to grow even more. Join it today !

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