How to Appoint Distributors for your Products?

As we all know, distributor is very important part of the distribution channel so we need to be extra attentive while appointing a distributor. The right selection of distributor is quite important for achieving the market leadership in the targeted location. The distributor appointment process should be extremely thorough and careful. The partner is appointed for long term, in a segment and for a product range.


Read the Distributor Selection Process carefully:

It requires an experienced person to evaluate alternative parties which are judged on the basis of following criteria-


Financial Strong

A potential distributor should be financially good enough depending upon the market trend as well as your product range. Finance is most important criteria because:

  • Distributor needs to stock the required products in bulk from the manufacturer which requires huge amount.
  • Distributor will be needed to provide credit (no. of credit days based on the requirement) to the retailer and institutions.
  • Distributor need to invest in the infrastructure, products, and more.

Prior Experience

Prior experience in distributorship will help the distributor in following ways:

  • An experienced distributor takes less time in understanding the process
  • Less time to build good link with retailers/institutions.


Infrastructure required like manpower, vehicle, warehouse should be available of required quantity and quality.

Market Reputation and Good Contacts

If the distributor has good market reputation in terms of relation with retailers, it will help in efficiency of his work.

Market Knowledge

Distributor’s knowledge of the prevailing market conditions, competitors’ products, retailers’ attitudes, etc. will help distributor in getting good hold on market. Distributor should also have interest in knowing day-to-day happenings of the market.

Latest Technology

Distributor should have knowledge of new technologies like Computing, SMS’s, internet. It can help in various aspects of the distribution process & in getting better efficiency in communication and simplifies business operations.


Distributor should have a positive attitude and should possess basic managerial skills. He should be willing to experiment with new products and techniques & take risks.

Future Plans

As distributor’s appointment is for long time, it’s important to know the future plan he has for his distribution business.

Also when today’s Internet generation has simplified everything, its get easier to find distributors online than following the traditional method. We at, help companies choosing the prospective distributors for over 1 lac+ products which are verified, trustworthy and ready to invest soon.

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