How to take Domino’s Franchise in India: Cost & Requirements

Domino’s Pizza is an international pizza chain that was founded in 1960 in the United States. It is now one of the largest pizza chains in the world, with more than 17,000 stores in over 90 countries. The company is known for its fast delivery, quality pizza, and innovative menu offerings. Domino’s Pizza offers a wide range of pizzas, including classics like Margherita and Pepperoni, as well as innovative toppings such as chicken tikka and paneer. The company also offers a variety of sides, including garlic bread, chicken wings, and potato wedges, as well as desserts and beverages.

How to take Domino's Franchise in India - Cost & Requirement

The company was founded in 1960 by Tom Monaghan and his brother James, but Tom later sold his stake in the company in 1998.

As of 2021, the current CEO of Domino’s Pizza Inc. is Richard Allison, who has been with the company since 2011. According to Forbes, the net worth of the founder of Domino’s Pizza, Tom Monaghan, is estimated to be around $400 million as of 2021. As of March 2023, the market capitalization of Domino’s Pizza Inc. is approximately $20 billion.

Domino’s Company Details:


Type                     Public Held

Industry                Food service & Franchising

Establishment       1919

Headquarters        New Delhi, India

Founder               James Monaghan & Tom Monaghan

Product                Chicken, wings, Dessert, Pasta, Pizza, Submarine sandwiches

Why to choose domino’s pizza for franchise

There are several reasons why I choose to take a Domino’s Pizza franchise.

  1. Established brand: Domino’s Pizza is a well-established brand with a global presence and a strong reputation for quality and innovation in the pizza industry. As a franchisee, you can leverage the brand’s reputation to build your own business and attract customers.

  2. Proven business model: Domino’s Pizza has a proven business model that has been refined over the years. The company provides franchisees with a comprehensive support system, including training, marketing, and supply chain management, to help them succeed.

  3. High demand: Pizza is a popular food item, and Domino’s Pizza has built a loyal customer base over the years. As a franchisee, you can tap into this demand and benefit from the high foot traffic that Domino’s outlets typically attract.

  4. Strong delivery network: Domino’s Pizza has developed a strong delivery network that enables customers to order online or through the app and receive their pizzas quickly. This has helped the company differentiate itself from its competitors and attract a loyal customer base.

  5. Innovation: Domino’s Pizza has been at the forefront of innovation in the pizza industry, introducing new menu items, delivery technology, and marketing campaigns to stay ahead of the competition. As a franchisee, you can benefit from the company’s ongoing innovation and stay ahead of the curve.

  6. Support system: Domino’s Pizza provides franchisees with a comprehensive support system, including training, marketing, and supply chain management. This can help you overcome common challenges and build a successful business.

Types of Domino’s Pizza Franchise in India:

In India, there are three types of Domino’s Pizza franchise opportunities available for aspiring franchisees:

  1. Master Franchise: The Master Franchisee is granted the right to use the Domino’s Pizza brand and business model, and is responsible for recruiting and training individual franchisees.

  2. Multi-Unit Franchise: This franchisee may be responsible for managing day-to-day operations of each outlet, including staffing, training, and marketing.

  3. Single Unit Franchise: The Single Unit Franchisee is an individual or entity that operates a single Domino’s Pizza outlet in a specific location.

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Domino’s Franchise Menu

Domino’s Franchise: Veg Pizza Menu

  • Margherita

  • Double Cheese Margherita

  • Farm House

  • Peppy Paneer

  • Mexican Green Wave

  • Deluxe Veggie

  • Veg Extravaganza

  • Cheese N Corn

  • Fresh Veggie

  • Veggie Paradise

  • Paneer Makhani

  • Indi Tandoori Paneer

  • Moroccan Spice Pasta Pizza – Veg

  • Achari Do Pyaza

  • The 4 Cheese Pizza

Dominos Franchise: Non-Veg Pizza Menu

  • Chicken Golden Delight

  • Non-Veg Supreme

  • Chicken Dominator

  • Pepper Barbecue & Onion

  • Pepper Barbecue Chicken

  • Chicken Sausage

  • Chicken Fiesta

  • Indi Chicken Tikka

  • Chicken Pepperoni

  • Creamy Tomato Pasta Pizza – Non-Veg

  • Keema Do Pyaza

  • Moroccan Spice Pasta Pizza – Non-Veg

Domino’s Franchise: Pizza Mania Menu

  • Veg Loaded

  • Cheesy

  • Paneer & Onion

  • Capsicum

  • Onion

  • Golden Corn

  • Cheese N Tomato

  • Tomato

Domino’s Franchise: Sides & Beverage Menu

  • Garlic Breadsticks

  • Stuffed Garlic Bread

  • Chicken Pepperoni Stuffed Garlic Bread

  • Paneer Tikka Stuffed Garlic Bread

Domino’s Franchise: Pasta Menu

  • Moroccan Spice Pasta Veg

  • Tikka Masala Pasta Veg

  • Creamy Tomato Pasta Veg

Basic Criteria For Domino’s Pizza Franchise:

  1. Age is not less than 21 years.

  2. Education should be Graduate.

  3. Should have space 1500 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. or more

  4. Should sound financial background.

  5. Good Social conduct with no criminal record.

  6. Should be Business Background.

Space Required

Space Required: 1500 – 2000 sq ft

Franchise Cost

Investment Req.:  INR 1.25 Crore

Profit margin

Profit ranges: 10 to 15%.

How to Apply for the Franchise  of Domino’s Pizza?

To apply for a Domino’s Pizza franchise in India, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Domino’s Pizza website and go to the “Franchise Opportunities” section.

  2. Fill out the franchise application form, providing details about your investment capacity, experience in the foodservice industry, and preferred location for the outlet.

  3. Submit the application form online or by mail to the address provided on the website.

  4. If your application is shortlisted, you will be contacted by a representative from Domino’s Pizza to discuss the franchise opportunity further.

  5. You may be required to attend an interview with the company’s representatives to discuss your application, investment capacity, and experience.

  6. If you are selected as a potential franchisee, you will be provided with a franchise disclosure document that outlines the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement.

  7. Review the franchise disclosure document carefully and seek legal and financial advice before signing the franchise agreement.

  8. Once the franchise agreement is signed, you will undergo training and receive support from Domino’s Pizza to set up and operate your outlet.

Dominos Franchise Contact Details

Official Franchise Page            Jubilant FoodWorks

Domino’s Franchise Email

Contact Email                

Domino’s Franchise Email 2

Phone                                    +91-120-4090500

Fax                                       +91-120-4090599

Domino’s Website         

Address                                 5th Floor, Tower D, Plot No. 5, Logix Techno Park, Sector 127, Noida – 201 304, U.P., India

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