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Inventively Designed Wire EDM For All Entrepreneurs


It’s common knowledge that there’s a growing demand for machine components having a complex geometrical shape across various sectors today. This has resulted in an increased usage of traditional brass wire EDMs. Although accurate, the brass wire EDMs are very expensive to operate and also result in incremental costs for all involved. Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand from innumerable industrial and commercial facilities that are using brass wire EDMs for a cheaper and more effective alternative. The alternative would ideally be wire cut EDMs that along with being comparatively inexpensive are also easy to operate and require much lesser floor space.

Proline EDM Precision Machinery( Suzhou) Co. Ltd. is an organization that is engaged in providing a wide range of wire cut EDMs. Established in the year 2013 and based in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, the organization is already getting widespread acclaim for it’s range of wire cut EDMs. Going forward, it can be said that the organization’s vision of replacing brass wire EDMs by wire cut EDMs in various industrial facilities will materialize.

Why use wire cut EDMs:
– To be competitive in today’s market, it’s necessary for all manufacturing units( irrespective of whether they are small or big) to cut costs. These EDMs are simpler way of cutting costs without any relative decrease in productivity and efficiency
– These can be also used inside the premises of industrial facilities, ensuring no 3rd party requirement for machining operations
– As a result of the above, organizations can quote much shorter delivery times to their clients
– Having a wire cut EDM inside the premises is also sure to provide flexibility to industrial facilities, ranging from better usage of man hours to lesser wastage of resources.

Some popular products of Proline EDM
– Basic wire cut EDM
– Multi wire cut EDM
– Large multi cut wire EDM
– Premium wire cut EDM

Distributors required:

Proline EDM precision machinery requires distributors, the prerequisites for becoming one are,
– Available space of 500 square feet
– An initial investment of INR 10 lakhs
– Some prior experience would be preferable

Distributors will get benefits such as appreciable returns on investment, high product margins and an opportunity to get a foothold in a sunrise sector.

Contact us for distributorship:
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