Is Buying the Construction Materials Franchise Captivating?

Building Material Franchise

We all know how big is our construction sector. In India, it comprises 200 firms in the corporate sector. And in addition to these firms, there are about 1,20,000 class A contractors who are registered with various government construction bodies. There are 1000’s of small contractors, which work as sub-contractors of prime or other contractors or doing small jobs. This sector has opened its arms for distributors, franchisees and sales representatives as well.

What made the Industry Growing?

  • Increased Urbanization
  • Economic Development
  • Improved Living Standards,
  • Increased Industrialization
  • Infrastructure Investments

Let’s have an eye on the Construction Market Trend

Multiplier effect of construction sector on Indian economybricks
The importance of the multiplier effect of the construction sector on the economy and its role as a stimulator of Indian economic growth is indisputable. This business is growing at a fast pace and in turn alleviating growth in many allied sectors of the economy such as steel, mining, cement and many other industries. Therefore, even average growth in the industry can bring major positive impact on the overall economy.

Augmented investment in infrastructure
The Government of India has pumped INR 4 trillion (US $87.9 billion) into the financial system to ease the liquidity crunch in the economy. India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL) has been allowed to raise INR10million (US $0.29 million) to refinance bank lending for infrastructure projects.

Roadblocks of the industry
This industry has vast scope to grow. To accelerate the pace of growth in the construction sector, the industry needs to persuade the government to implement reforms and help remove the major roadblocks faced by the sector such as Land Acquisition Reforms, Bidding Process Reforms, Contracting Philosophy, Approvals and Clearances, Effective Monitoring, Dispute Resolution, Financing, Talent.

Stakeholders of the construction industry in India , would have to implement new construction technology so as to deliver on five “S” of construction: speed, strength safety, sustainability and savings.

Starting a construction material stocks franchisebuilding

Be its remodeling a room, or working on completely new building projects, or projects which needed maintenance, construction services will always be in demand in some form or shape. From painting a room, to designing and building houses, to installing a fence; this business covers a wide variety of areas and specialties such as building material, builders hardware, bricks, flooring, construction material & supplies and so on.

Those who want to take construction material franchise, this is an industry that will keep expanding over the next few years. Join in!


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