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Join the Group of Biggest Rice Manufacturer

Observing the high demand for rice, starting up a rice distributorship business in your area is a wise choice. This business already gives assurance of success as buyers are always there. Though conducting a feasibility study in any kind of business is always an important step to take. Doing this will help you assessing the economic viability of the particular proposed business.

Thinking for what you need to start your own business of rice distribution?

Here are some important questions to consider before plunging into this kind of business:

1. Having enough capital to become rice distributor?
2. Want to operate as Independent distributor or corporation?
3. Have space to store the sacks of rice?
4. Have a good location for your rice business?


Countless Profits in Rice Business

5. Researched your target market, their buying habits and the flow of traffic there?
6. Do you know rice suppliers in your area?
6. Have necessary equipments like calibrated weighing scales, rice sacks etc.?
7. Decided the varieties of rice do you intend to sell? Make sure to have several varieties of rice, so that your customers will have several options.
8. What will be your strategy to market your business?

At, we play a crucial role in simplifying this process. We help persons looking for distributorship opportunities, franchise or sales agents also in connecting with the businesses dealing in their respective product category. We have list of businesses offering the opportunities in quite low investment.

Presenting the grand business offer

A Company named Shankar Rice and General Mills joined us for their search of reliable and potential distributors.

Shankar Rice and General Mills is a leading rice manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India. Based in Punjab, they work under the brand name of Chak De India Basmati Rice and Bindaas Basmati. They started their business operations in the year 2000 and have a vast distribution system throughout the country having an annual sale of Rs.100 crores.

The brand is targeting whole Indian market. They are looking for distributors able to invest a good amount as well as space. Interested parties can contact them at: +91-11-46710506 or Share your requirement at:

Logon to and find more filtered and customized business opportunity suiting your pocket.

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