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Berger Paints India Limited Sanitizers

Berger Paints India Limited is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Berger BreatheEasy Safe 24 Multi-Surface Sanitizer Spray, BreatheEasy Virus Guard Hand Sanitizer, BreatheEasy Disinfectant Floor Cleaner, BreatheEasy Multi-Surface Cleaner All Kleen, and many more popular products. The surface cleaners and sanitizers that we offer are marketed under the brand BreatheEasy. BreatheEasy Safe 24 is certified effective against the Covid-19 virus and is endorsed by Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan. The iconic Safe 24 sanitizer spray is being promoted through various channels including Television Commercials.

Being the 14th largest paint company in the world and 2nd largest in India, Berger Paints is trusted by millions for the quality of products it has been manufacturing since 1923 in India.

To make sure our products are made available to all consumers pan India, we are looking for credible city-level distributors.

Offered products:

- Berger BreatheEasy Safe 24 Multi-Surface Sanitizer Spray

- BreatheEasy Virus Guard Hand Sanitizer

- BreatheEasy Disinfectant Floor Cleaner

- BreatheEasy Multi-Surface Cleaner All Kleen

Our Product USPs:

-Our skin-friendly hand sanitizers eliminate the majority of germs from hands and are perfect to use on-the-go

-BreatheEasy+ Virus Guard Hand Sanitizer contains 80% alcohol and offers instant protection from viruses and bacteria

-Our hand sanitizers contain humectant and glycerin that prevent drying of the skin

-BreatheEasy Safe 24 Multi-Surface Protector offers 24 hours protection to the surfaces from bacteria and viruses. A single spray of our multi-surface spray is effective in making various surfaces virus-free. It is effective against the Covid-19 virus as well

-Our Multi-Surface Protector is alcohol-free, non-toxic, environment-friendly, and can be used on various hard and soft surfaces including sofa, doorknobs, lift buttons, car interiors, mattress, tabletops, kitchen sink, etc.

-Our BreatheEasy Disinfectant Floor Cleaner kills 99.9% of germs and cleans tough stains

Distributorship conditions:

- Storage space of 120 sq. ft.

- An initial investment of INR 1.00 Lac – 5.00 Lac would be required

- Complete client satisfaction should be the top priority

- Proficiency in marketing

- Should be able to maintain a good relationship with the clients

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