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Mens Clothing Business: Look Handsome, Earn Handsome

From summer to winter and everything in between, fashion trends for men are ruling from the runway straight to your wardrobe.

If staying stylish and being voguish has become the order of the day, it’s not just the ladies are behind that but the men too. Men today became conscious about their dressing sense. Purchasing the material and getting it stitched from tailors was a talk of earlier time. Today ready made garments have build their way into almost every male wardrobe.

mens wear franchise

Because they are getting style addicted

With the exhilarating trends in the global scenario, Indian men are too getting high on hog. India is home to many top men wear brands which are both domestic and international. Till a few years back the international clothing brands for men did not consider India to be a very potential market. But with the passing years, the increase in the fashion awareness among men forced the top international men garments brands to step into India.

What driving the growth of men wear segment?

  • A fast growing young population with high exposure to international brands and a significant propensity to spend
  • Massive retail space creation through spread of hyper markets, Malls, and supermarkets
  • Boom in luxury retail segment
  • Rising purchasing power of the middle class consumer, building an opportunity to retail to the masses

Top Menswear Brands:

1. Allen Solly
2. Arrow
3. Wrangler
4. Provogue
5. Cobb
6. Siyaram’s.

E-commerce Sales is Booming Because Men are Buying Online

Fashion Clothing is the fastest growing segment of online commerce and it’s being propelled by an atypical source: men.

“The market for clothing and accessories is expected to grow 78 percent to $73 billion by 2016, according to EMarketer. That’s faster than categories like electronics or music.”

Factors like changing fashion trends, growing consumer class and rising urbanization together have led to the growth in the men’s apparel sector. Making an investment into this flourishing segment is a profitable option. Be its men or women, you should have sound knowledge of the latest trends to become a part of clothing industry.

Just like women, men garments also come with multiple choice. Besides shirts and pants, there is a lot more to come under mens wear category like formals, casuals, inner wears, sports wear, gym wear and more and likewise there are a lot of business opportunities. Today the mens garments franchise has turned to be one the most lucrative business. Other than this, one can become mens clothing salesman or hold mens wear distributorship opportunity.

Connect with the best potential aspirants and major clothing brands today.

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