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Paint And Decorative Products For Elegant Looking Living Spaces


The commonly accepted meaning of spray paint is that it’s a type of paint that’s pressurized and sealed into a container and can be released just by pressing a valve button fitted on the container itself. The major distinguishing feature of spray paints is the fact that these leave a smooth and an evenly coated surface when used, very unlike a majority of traditional rolled and brushed paints. Spray paints are ideal for quick, semi-permanent marking on construction and surveying sites. Some off the cuff use of spray paints include the marking of hiking trails and also excavation sites. Spray paints were started being used in the year 1949 and as for present, it would be safe to assume that these are one of the favorable choices when it comes to selecting which type of paint to use.

Samraj Polytex is an organization that is indulged in manufacturing and supplying of spray paints and other relevant products. Based in New Delhi, India, it is one of the most widely respected organization in this segment, with a diverse clientele spread across various parts of India. Its current annual sales stand at an impressive INR 12 crore and is only expected to continue growing in the future.

Some examples of spray paints
– Metallic paint
– Fluorescent paint
– Rubber paint
– Deco paint
– Hammer tone paint

Samraj Polytex requires distributors for expansion

The essential requirements for becoming distributor are,
– An initial investment of INR 2.5 lakhs
– Available space of 150 square feet
– A quality centric approach culminating in full customer satisfaction
– Prior experience would be preferred, although it is not mandatory

The distributors will receive:
– Comprehensive training on the product range
– Appreciable returns on investment
– High margins on products sold
– Opportunity to get a foothold or to increase their existing foothold in the spray paints segment

Contact details:
Contact No . – +91-11-46710506
Email id –
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