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Carefully Select The Right Plastic Container For Your Product

In the recent years, all the industries have revamped their production, sales and marketing techniques, especially consumer products. In India itself, there are 1.32 billion people, who are contributing in the growth of Indian FMCG market. Statistically evaluated, the annually growth rate is 12%. The main segments that are increasingly demanded are packaged food, beverages, home & personal care and consumer health products. Each day, hundreds to thousands of new brands are launching in the Indian market and the first thing that predict whether it is here to stay or not is its packaging. Many manufacturing companies are substantially investing in the right packaging for its products.

When it comes to a packaging material that not only is safe for the product, but for the environment is PET. The PET plastic container can be molded into different shapes and sizes. These containers are widely used in packaging products, such as:
– Cosmetics
– Soft drinks
– Water
– Juice
– Peanut butter
– Salad dressings and oil
– Household cleaners

The PET plastic material is popular amongst manufacturers because of its strength, transparency (closely resembling glass), flexible and thermo-stability; while consumers go for PET plastic because of its light weight, economic, resistant to shatter, resealable and re-recyclable. In comparison to other plastic, like HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PP (Polypropylene), PS (Polystyrene), and PLA (Polylactide); PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) has better impact strength, excellent clarity, lower moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), oxygen transmission rate (OTR) and carbon dioxide transmission rate (COTR).

The Pet containers can be recycled and can be used as raw material for making products, such as:
Athletic shoes
– Luggage
– Upholstery
– Sweaters
– Fiber for polyester carpet
– Fabric for T-shirts
– Fiberfill for sleeping bags
– Industrial strapping
– Sheet and film
– Automotive parts
– New PET containers

In India, there are many PET containers and preforms manufacturers, Radheshyam Pet Container Pvt. Ltd. is one of them. The manufacturer and exporter markets and internationally sells its products with the help of its Sale Partners. The company, through the years, have reached to clients in many parts of the country and looking for Sales partners in every corner of the country.

Products specialization
– PET Preforms – 5ltr/20ltr
– Dispenser Preforms
– Cooling water jug

Being our sales partner, you will get:
– Continual supply of products
– Updated product information
– Every detail about the company
– Timely commission payment
– Regular counseling sessions

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