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Products Catering To Telecom, Healthcare & Security Sectors


Products that cater to the telecom, healthcare and security sectors have wide appeal amongst the masses today. People of all demography and from all walks of life must be aware of products such as push to talk phone, chronic wound healing systems and many more. The old adage of a person only requiring products that aid in his health, allow him to communicate with his near and dear ones, provide security to his/her family seems to hold true here. Another important point to note here is the fact that the market for these products seems to be ever growing, surpassing all expectations. The telecom, healthcare and security sector is a multi billion dollar sector worldwide today.

Ventura Business Solution is a Bangalore, Karnataka, India based organization that is engaged in offering a wide range of products that cater to the aforementioned sectors. All the products are developed by renowned companies based in Israel, U.S.A, U.K etc. Moreover, the products have been extensively tested by international experts to ensure zero defects.

Features of these products:

  • All of the products are easy to use, with even a novice requiring only a one time use to learn how to operate the products
  • All the products have a long service life and require minimal maintenance
  • These are also resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • The products have optimal tolerance to moisture and UV rays
  • All products come with an extended warranty period which is strictly adhered to by Ventura business solution

Ventura business solution requires distributors:

The prerequisites for becoming a distributor are,

  • Available space of 15×20 square feet
  • An initial investment of INR 10 lakhs
  • Some prior experience would be preferable

Distributors can look forward to gains such as appreciable returns on investment, high margins on products sold and an unprecedented opportunity to become an established name in the telecom, security and healthcare sectors.

Contact for Distributorship:-
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Contact No.:- +91-11-46710506



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