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Pure & Effective Ayurvedic Healthcare Products


Over the past few years, more and more people are preferring ayurvedic products instead of allopathic and cosmetic products. This is true for all scenarios, whether it be for curing a troubling ailment or whether it be only for grooming purposes. This can be primarily attributed to the fact that people have now realized the benefits accorded by ayurvedic products as compared to cosmetic products. Even the medical fraternity, that used to view ayurvedic products with suspicion until some years ago now seems to be accepting the benefits accorded by them, with some health specialists even going to the extent of recommending ayurvedic products for healthcare. Going forward, it’s almost certain that the popularity of ayurvedic products will continue to increase further, with people from all walks of life preferring them.

Green Cross Health Innovation is a Vapi, Gujarat, India based organization that is engaged in formulating and supplying of a wide range of ayurvedic products. Some of the organization’s popular products include products made from ashwagandha, bael, slimming pills, pills for curing digestive problems etc. Green Cross Health Innovation was established in the year 2002 and since then has been growing steadily, foraying into new markets, with it’s products being acclaimed everywhere.

Features of Ayurvedic products
– Ayurvedic products do not have any side effects and can be consumed by people of all age groups
– These have anti inflammatory properties and boost the body’s immune system
– As a result of only being made from natural herbal extracts, these have an unlimited shelf life
– Ayurvedic medicines treat the whole body, subtly eliminating the cause of the disease
– The usage of ayurvedic daily use products also helps in detoxifying the body
– Along with curative cure, ayurvedic products are also very good for preventive cure
– These can be consumed by people of all age groups

Green Cross Health Innovation requires distributors:

The prerequisites for becoming distributor are,
– Sufficient space available to keep stock of products
– Proven ability to market ayurvedic medicines or any other alternative form of treatment
– A quality centric approach culminating in full customer satisfaction
– Ability to ensure vendor development at the local level

Distributors can expect health benefits such as appreciable returns on investment, high product margins and an unprecedented opportunity to become an established name in the ayurvedic products segment.

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