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Irrespective of which part of India one goes, he/she will find people consuming food items such as papads. Papad is one of the favorite food items of people in India. It is consumed either along with main course dinner/lunch or after it. Papads are one such food item with a pan India appeal, a fact true about very few other foods. To cater to such huge demand, there are innumerable papad manufacturers across India, making papads from a variety of raw materials such as urad, rice, etc. Moreover, papad manufacturers are constantly experimenting and innovating, trying to grab a major chunk of the market in India.

Sahajanand Papad Manufacturer is a Rajkot, Gujarat, India based organization that is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of food products such as papads, khakhra etc. The organization has a diverse clientele spread across the vast swathes of India. Since being established in the year 2013 by a dexterous group of professionals, the organization has grown at a steadfast rate, foraying into new markets, with the products being acclaimed everywhere.

Some facts about papad and khakhra consumption in India
– Papads and khakhras have been consumed in India since many centuries. Moreover, these are also one of the notable Indian exports to the western countries
– For the uninitiated, papad is a thin, crisp and disc shaped food, with the crispiness being the deciding factor while judging the quality of a papad
– Across India, it won’t be an exaggeration to state that packets of papads can be found in almost every home
– The love for papad cuts across class, gender and age barriers in India

Sahajanand Papad Manufacturer requires distributors:

The prerequisites for becoming distributor are,
– Sufficient space available to keep stock of products
– An initial investment of INR 50,000
– Some prior experience would be preferable

Distributors can look forward to benefits such as appreciable returns on investment, high product margins and an unprecedented opportunity to become an established name in the food products segment.

Contact for Distributors:-
Email id:- helpdesk@getdistributors.com
Contact No:- +91-11-46710506


Visit:- https://www.getdistributors.com/distributors/sahajanand-papad-manufacturer-42256/

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