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SHUBHIKA LIGHTING- Enlightening your business future


In this modern era, we are highly familiar with the word LED, which stands for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs previously had their limited use in indicators and symbol boards but, with the advancement of technology the use of LED has also increased. Today, from home illuminating lights to Stadiums’ flood lights, Theaters’ spot light to Discos’ par lights, wall washer lights in buildings to Street Lights and many more use LEDs instead of Neon, Mercury or other traditional lights. Now, you must be wondering what makes these tiny LEDs a sought-after product?

LEDs are indeed very small but, these tiny lights when collectively used provide the best and most effective lighting solutions. These lights not only have long life but also are known for their zero UV emission. LED lights are free from Mercury, Phenol, Styrene etc. and need less power to function, hence are both Eco-friendly and economical. Also, LEDs can be combined in any shape to deliver desired illumination, which makes them the best suit component for the designer decorative lights.

Shubhika Lighting – has expertise in manufacturing and supplying different types of LED lights. Since its inception in the year 2012, it is  working Under the flagship of “Shubhika”, one of the most recommended brands in the market; known for innovative designs and durability of its products. Also, Shubhika’s LED lights are preferred for their less power consumption, helping customers to keep check on their electricity bill. The offered  products include:

  • LED Down Light
  • LED Panel Light
  • LED COB Down-light
  • LED Zoom Light
  • LED Track Light
  • LED Strips
  • LED Profile

Manufacturers are using innovative ideas and upgrading technology to add more COB and lumens per watt to engineer different types of LED lights. These lights are being used in a wide scale and experts state that LED lights can be the future of lighting in all sectors.

Manufacturers, dealers, retailers all show keen interest in expansion of their business and LED lights are promising products with high demand ensuring great profits. Taking this opportunity, Shubhika Lighting is appointing distributors in each and every city of India. Providing high quality products at the most reasonable rates is the mantra of its business. Also, it emphasizes on providing business benefits to its distributors in order to help them develop their own business, which includes:

  • Exclusive discount rates for dealers
  • 24 hours client support by our professionals
  • 12-18 months replacement warranty on the products
  • Assistance in product promotion

Shubhika Lighting is welcoming experienced as well as new distributors for its city and region wise distributorship program.

Distributors can embrace this golden opportunity to make their business gain new heights with Shubhika Lighting.

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