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Speech And Drama Programs To Inculcate Young Creative Minds


It is often said that inside every child lies an artist, all it requires is someone who can spot it, encourage the child and make the artist inside him/her flourish. Innumerable number of children worldwide fail to realize their dream of being an artist only because of the fact that they were never encouraged. Moreover, specially in India, what you get as drama and other art teaching entities are mostly fly by night operators out there to make some quick money. To articulate it in simple terms, there is an urgent need of people and organizations who can engage the students and teach them various arts.

Helen ‘O’ Grady International was established in the year 1979 in Australia with a vision to groom the actor inside every child. In India, the organization is working in collaboration with Govind Knowledge ventures Pvt. Ltd. It currently has 10 franchises covering 30 schools in Tamil Nadu and is hoping to expand further to all the educational institutions across the country .

Why children should focus on arts like acting, drama etc.

  • It makes them more creative
  • It gives them alternative career option
  • It keeps their curious and restless mind( common in children) engaged
  • It makes them look at life from another perspective

Programs of Helen ‘O’ Grady International are categorized under:

  • Speech and drama
  • Teacher training
  • Personality development program

Helen ‘O’ Grady International requires franchises, the prerequisites are,

  • Ability to make an initial investment of INR 4.5 lakhs
  • No space required as the programs will be organized inside the schools only
  • Ability to quickly integrate out of the box branding and advertising strategies

For further information:
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