Spices That Make Your Food A Delicacy


Spices are essential to Indian foods, with the general adage being that any kind of Indian food is incomplete without an assortment of spices such as dhaniya powder, haldi powder, chilli powder and many more being added. Whether it be north, east, south or west India, the taste of every dish is generally judged by “have the spices blended with food and cooked properly” and many more such have’s and have not’s. Moreover, spices can also be termed as one of India’s most famous exports to the west, with western people viewing it as an exotic delicacy.

Sunder Industries is a Madhya Pradesh, India based organization established in the year 2014 that is engaged in the processing and supplying of various spices to people. Owing to attributes such as a natural aroma, rich texture and many more, our spices are the preferred choice for our diverse clientele.

Spices should always be pure

We live in an age where its difficult to tell if something is fully pure or not. For the food segment also, this is a point to ponder over, with a great chance that the impurities in food might make you sick. At sunder industries, we put the utmost emphasis on ensuring that our assortment of spices is natural, with no artificial ingredients being added. It’s our motto that the health of our clients has to be our prime focus and we work accordingly to that.

We are looking for distributors

We are looking for distributors to aid us in our expansion plans. The credentials we require are an available space of 100 square feet and an initial investment of INR 2-5 lakhs, with prior experience being preferable. Our distributors are sure to get appreciable returns on investment and high margins on every product sold

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Contact No . – +91-11-46710506
Email id – helpdesk@getdistributors.com
Or visit – https://www.getdistributors.com/distributors/sunder-industries-39584/

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